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Exclusive Project

How to make Diamond fold cards with Tracey Collett

People always ask me about making 3D style cards and this diamond fold card is always popular but people tend to worry about where to start. I will take you step by step through it and use the new Docrafts Moroccan Blue collection to decorate with a shaker card twist.

Time it takes to make: 30 - 50 minutes

Skill level: Intermediate to Advanced

You will need:

  • Kit N Caboodle 12-Inch Paper Trimmer
  • Scissors
  • Xcut A3 Self Healing Duo Cutting Mat - Black and White
  • docrafts Papermania Moroccan Blue Papercraft Collection
  • Shades of Blue Cardstock - docrafts Xcut Spring and Summer Small Dies with Premium Textured
  • Cardstock
  • docrafts Papermania Moroccan Blue Embellishments Collection
  • White Cardstock - American Crafts White 12 x 12 Cardstock - 60 Pack
  • Ruler
  • Double sided Tape: Create and Craft Double Sided Fingerlift Tape - 7 Rolls
  • 3d Foam Tape: Pack of 10 Rolls of 5mm x 2mm x 5M 3D White Foam Tape
  • Versfine Black Ink & Sentiment stamp of your choice
  • Twine for the Tags
  • Docrafts Hole Puncher or a Small eyelet maker
  • Beads


  1. To make the card blank we need to start with a piece of white card stock measuring 12” x 12” and cut it to a piece measuring 12” x 4”. Now mark the 6” centre with a small pencil mark top and bottom, we will need this in the next step.

  2. Now we can start the folding. Using the cutting mat as a guide and the marks from before, place your ruler down the 6” centre line, bring the right side over and fold so it’s flush against the ruler (Photo 2), repeat on the other side. This will have a created a triangle shape on the card, now rotate the card so it’s now a V shape, now repeat the previous process by folding the card to the ruler. When you have finished folding you will be left with these score lines as shown in photo 6.

  3. The next stage is what creates the 3d aspect of the card, we need to fold the triangles at the top and bottom to the side of the diamond shape you have created. This is the fiddly bit, you need to pinch the top of the diamond and the far corner of the triangle together and then crease the fold that is created as shown in Photo 2. Repeat the process on the bottom triangle which will be easier now the top one is folded – See Photo 3. Now repeat on the other side so you can see a 3d diamond as shown in photo 4.

  4. We have almost finished creating the main base of the card the last set of scores and folds are as follows. Place your card back in the trimmer or on your mat and mark and score at 2” and again at 10”, when you now fold those lines it creates the finished 3d folded diamond card as shown in photo 3.

  5. Now for the decorating of the diamond fold card, this tutorial is to make a shaker version for those who want something extra amazing on their cards. So first we take a choice a plain card stock and a sheet of patterned paper and cut the pieces for the side panels and the centre piece including the frame for the shaker element. Measurements are as follows: 2 x 1 ¾” by 3 ¾” in Plain card, 2 x 1 ½” by 3 ½” in Pattern Paper, 2 x 2 ½” by 2 ½” plain card (make one piece into a frame by cutting a 1 ¾”by 1 ¾” square out of the centre) and 1 x 2 ¼” by 2 ¼” in Pattern paper. Layer the side panels on top of each other and then the centre whole squares using double sided tape as shown in photo 3.

  6. Now we can make the shaker element. I have used a small piece of acetate the same size as the frame and stuck that to the inside of the frame to create the window. Now place thin 3d foam tape around the entire edge of the frame, this stops the contents of the shaker from escaping so just make sure there are no gaps then nothing can escape. I have used the gems in the jars as my filling for this shaker as the colours match perfectly, I simply poured a few of each colour on to the centre solid panel as far from the edges as possible then I stuck the 3d frame down over the top and your shaker is all finished. Stick all the elements on to the diamond fold card as shown in Photo 6.

  7. Now we are going to move on to the embellishment for the side panels. I have made 2 tags using off cuts of the plain card stock they measure 3 ½” by 1 ¼” this is going to be too long but allows for us to make the shape at the top. I have measured ½” down and cut the top to resemble a tag top. Now using the docrafts hole puncher I have popped a hole in the centre of the tag large enough to add the twine. Now we can trim the tag down so it fits on the side panels (approx. ½” off the bottom should be fine). To decorate the tag I have used the coordinating Moroccan Blue ribbon from the embellishment pack and used double sided tape to stick it down and wrap around the back of tag. I have then used a brad to hold the twine down on the tag for a different look. Then using 3d foam tape stick the tags down.

  8. We are now at the point of finishing off and I decided to use the Moroccan Blue Washi tapes to seal around the edges of the shaker, this is personal choice but I thought it just gave another element to the card.

  9. The last stage is to choose a sentiment to stamp onto coordinating card stock and place in the centre of the shaker card and we are all finished. I’m sure you will have great fun using this card fold for many cards in the future and the possibilities are endless by adding die cuts or even die cut the card blank itself with patterned border dies or frames. Happy Crafting.