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7 Great Ideas for DIY Sleep Masks

With a personalised sleep mask, you can enjoy restful sleep while looking amazing

7 Clever Ways to Upcycle Plastic Straws

1 Cartoon Eyes

Whether you go for angry eyes with thick eyebrows, large sparkly eyes with exaggerated eyelashes, or droopy half-asleep eyes, a cartoony addition to your face is great for some laughs. The eyes can be created by knitting, embroidery, stamping, appliqué or even just drawn on – just make sure to cover the inside of the mask with fabric that’s soft and gentle on your eyes.

2 Animal Face

When it comes to animal faces there are so many choices, it’s hard to pick what to make. A tiger? Panda? Penguin? Fox? A copy of your own pet? If you’re feeling creative, you could even create a different one for each day of the week. The front can be created with fluffy fabric, but it’s recommended that you use something smooth on the back, to prevent fluff from getting into your eyes.

3 Message

Cheeky messages like “Wake for fresh coffee only” or “If you’re reading this, I am asleep” add an element of fun to sleep masks, and the wording can be created in a number of ways. The Screen Sensation is perfect for printing it on, and you can experiment with various different coloured inks and designs. Alternatively, if you plan to embroider it on, make sure to use an air soluble pen to plan the spacing of the letters.

4 Sunglasses

For the cool dude of the family, the sleep mask can feature a stylish pair of sunglasses motif – this can be added in the same way as the cartoon eyes. Make sure you don’t cut the sleep mask into the shape of sunglasses, as this could pull and cause pressure on your sensitive eyes. For a bit of fun, why not make the lenses from a reflective fabric, so they catch the light from the bathroom brilliantly.

5 Charging Battery

Adding a charging battery graphic and the word “charging” to the front of your sleep mask is hilariously creative, and surprisingly simple to make. Simply cut out a template from the internet, and use it to plan your pieces for appliqué, or to make a custom printing screen for the Screen Sensation. You could even make three, each with a red, yellow or green battery, depending on how tired you are, and to warn people away from waking you up.

6 Photo

Ever wanted to look like your favourite celebrity? With custom print fabric or iron-on transfer materials, you can enjoy a sleep mask made to look like the upper part of their face – it’s both funny and fabulous! Alternatively, you could use a photo of yourself, to make it look like you’re always awake. It might give your partner a fright, though! Make sure to use a forward-facing image, for the best results.

7 Pattern

Of course, instead of something clever and punny, you could just opt for a lovely pattern. Embroider with pretty colours of floss, or simply use a pretty patterned fabric such as Debbie Shore’s Lily Pad Fabric Collection A (482083), for a gorgeous front, then use a smooth, gentle fabric on the side that’ll be touching your eyes.