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Welcome to the Create and Craft Club

Welcome to the Create and Craft Club

5 DIY storage solutions for your crafting items

If you've somehow managed to accumulate additional crafting supplies with nowhere to put them, don't despair! We've got a few storage designs that'll solve the problem.

5 DIY bead crafts

Crafting jar

Turn plain mason jars into lovely crafty pieces that'll be perfect for storing your extra stash. Source a mason jar, ribbon, gold spray paint and watercolour paint. Remove the lid of your jar, place it right-side up and spray it with gold paint. Leave to dry. Tie ribbon around the mouth of the jar and use watercolour paint to add a design of your choice, then leave to dry. Make as many as you want and place tiny craft essentials inside, then watch how quickly your messy space clears up!

Ribbon holder

Ever wondered how to make your ribbon stash look as neat as possible? The solution to this is a DIY paper towel holder, but instead of paper towels you can add all your lovely rolls of ribbon. You'll need a square styrofoam block and a dowel rod cut at 13 inches long. Make a hole in the middle of the styrofoam block, then place your rod in the centre. Add your ribbons et voila! You've got a perfectly ready-made ribbon holder.

Embroidery clothespins

If you've got a lot of thread lying around, don't throw it out just yet. You can organise them with an item that's in every household; a clothespin. Your thread will be so much easier to handle, plus you can save money you'd eventually have used buying more. Just wrap and throw in a bowl for a grab-and-go effect.

Wine rack marker storage

We know how important markers are in the crafting world, so there are bound to be plenty in your home. Put your organisational skills to the test and source a wine rack and plastic cups. Place your cups within the grooves of the rack, then colour coordinate your markers before transferring them into the cups. If your stash continues to grow, then you can just place decorative paper cups filled with markers on either side of your wine rack for a colourful finish.

Fabric box

Turn a boring cardboard box into a beautiful fabric storage essential in no time. Get a small box, and patterned fabric cut to size, with just enough to cover the inside of the box. Source fabric glue, buttons, ribbon and scissors. Adhere fabric to your box using glue, then place ribbon and buttons where you see fit to jazz up your make. Throw your crafty items in and place them on shelves.