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Exclusive Project

Embroidered T-Shirt By Bernadette Wainwright

A child’s first drawings are something that most people treasure and keep for many years, but normally put away in a draw somewhere only to be seen on the odd occasion. If you like bringing several areas of crafting together this is a fabulous way of showing off those special drawings.

You will need:

  • Drawing
  • Purchased T-Shirt
  • Embroidery Thread
  • Stabilizer - 293403
  • Scan N Cut Machine - 341400
  • Light Box
  • Card or Paper
  • Air Erasable Pen – 302054 (Or, Tailors Chalk or Soft Pencil)
  • Sewing Machine - 303227
  • Ballpoint/Stretch machine Needle
  • Embroidery/Darning Foot

Time to Make: 4-5 Hours

Skill Level: Advanced Crafter


  1. Before you start your project, gather all your supplies and have a quick read through the instructions just to familiarise yourself with the terminology.
  2. Embroidered T-Shirt Take the drawing and place on the Scan N Cut Scanning mat. Load into the machine and select Scan to Cut Data. Scan, use the touch pen to drag the arrows in around your picture, select the middle detection option, number 2, press preview and save to either your machine, a USB or Canvas. Unload your picture.
  3. Embroidered T-Shirt Remove the blade holder and insert the pen holder or if you have one the universal pen holder. Insert your pen. Load a blank 12” x 12” piece of paper or card, paper is better as the light from the lightbox will show through easier. Retrieve the image from your stored area, I used the machine’s memory, highlight your image and group everything together. Delete off your screen any wording, this will be retrieved later. Expand your image to fill the full area. Draw your image. Unload your picture.
  4. Embroidered T-Shirt Recall your original image again, delete off the picture leaving the wording behind. Group together and enlarge to the desired size. Draw the wording.
  5. Embroidered T-Shirt Take the picture and position on the light box, using low tack tape secure in place, slide inside the T-shirt, threading the cable through the sleeve. Turn on the lightbox to its highest setting, manoeuvre the T-shirt until the design is central. Now trace the design onto the T-shirt using either an air-erasable pen, chalk or pencil. Note, the light box will work best in a dimly-lit room.
  6. Remove the picture and place the wording on the light box and repeat the process.
  7. Take the stabilizer and place inside the T-shirt, behind the design and wording, pin to hold in place.
  8. Using the ballpoint needle and satin stitch or small zig-zag stitch embroider the main areas of the design, keeping the T-shirt as flat and even as possible.
  9. Embroidered T-Shirt For finer details, drop the feed dogs and attach the darning foot and work some free machine embroidery, this is ideal for hair and writing.
  10. Remove the stabilizer from the inside of the T-shirt being careful not to distort the stitches. Press.
  11. Embroidered T-Shirt Your unique T-shirt is now finished, enjoy and wear with pride.