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Exclusive Project

Emergency Craft Kit Gift Pouch

Emergency Craft Kit Gift Pouch

"Spreading a little crafty love to our fellow crafters at times like these is such a nice thing to do and this little emergency craft set would be a great little addition in the handbag just in case for any crafter. This idea can easily be adapted to a larger size for storing maybe a sketch pad etc, the choice is yours, here is how to make a mini one." - Tracey Collett

You will need:

  • Pinflair Fabric of your choice - 507238
  • Tub of Bookbinding glue - 172950
  • Glue Spatula
  • Grey board panels - 401265
  • Essential Craft Supplies to store in the pouch
  • Scissors
  • Clothes pegs

Time to Make: 45 – 60 minutes

Skill Level: Intermediate - Advanced


  1. Emergency Craft Kit Gift Pouch

    Choose your cotton fabric, whether it be from your stash or a bundle purchased from Pinflair, you will need a piece approx. 12” by 6” for each small pouch, you’ll need a tub of Pinflair Book binding glue, a spatula and 2 pieces of greyboard (I’ve used small panels, but you can easily use larger pieces for bigger items)

    Lay your fabric out pattern side down and place your panels on the fabric leaving approx. 1.5cm border around each panel, glue them down using the book binding glue ( less is more, it should be clear not white when you apply the glue). Once they are glued down, let them dry a bit and then cut the corners off as seen in photo 3, now glue the edges down as seen in Photo 4. You may find you have spiky corners, this can easily be fixed by dabbing a tiny amount of glue in the corner and then smoothing it down with your finger, as seen in photo 5. Repeat on the next panel and allow them to dry.

    Emergency Craft Kit Gift Pouch Emergency Craft Kit Gift Pouch Emergency Craft Kit Gift Pouch Emergency Craft Kit Gift Pouch Emergency Craft Kit Gift Pouch
  2. Emergency Craft Kit Gift Pouch

    Now we can start to create our pockets to hold our crafty goodies for our emergency kit, using the left over fabric or a different pattern if you would like a contrast. Make sure you have enough fabric to wrap around and seal it at the back.

    First part is to make the edge and top of your pocket nice and neat so we need to make a hem, this is very easy to do and requires no sewing thanks to the book binding glue. So glue along the top edge and then fold it over and there you have a hemmed panel. Now place the items you are storing in this pocket on the front and wrap the fabric around so that the ends meet at the back (Photos 2 and 3) glue those down so they are holding the items snuggly. To finish off the bottom and stop the items falling out we need to close the bottom and we do this as if we are wrapping a present by folding the corners in and gluing the triangular flap on the board ( photos 4 and 5)

    Emergency Craft Kit Gift Pouch Emergency Craft Kit Gift Pouch Emergency Craft Kit Gift Pouch Emergency Craft Kit Gift Pouch Emergency Craft Kit Gift Pouch
  3. Emergency Craft Kit Gift Pouch

    Repeat this process on your second panel, again choose your contents wrap them up and seal them inside. Allow them to dry thoroughly.

  4. Emergency Craft Kit Gift Pouch

    Once the individuals are all dry we can glue to the panels together and hide all the workings inside and no one sees. This is done using Bookbinding glue and by taking the contents out as it is then easier to apply pressure, Christine from Pinflair always suggests good old clothes pegs for this job as they help hold it together whilst it dries. Once it’s completely dry release the pegs and refill with your crafty stash items.

    All finished, I have used a pair of mini scissors, a spritz bottle, a nail file and a lip balm, but you could adapt this method to any size you would like and for any types of product too, depends on the hobbyist you are making it for. I think this little kit is a great gift for someone or just as an emergency craft kit when you are out and about.