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Jewellery Making Guides

Welcome to our range of Jewellery Making Guides, catering for beginners looking to try out a new technique, crafters looking to increase their skillset, or those simply looking for information on jewellery supplies! Discover a range of beginner’s guides and buying guides covering all areas of jewellery making, providing all you need to know to succeed.

Required Materials:

  • Thick Cord, Leather or Ribbon (of your choice)
  • End Caps (2x)
  • Very Strong Glue
  • Side Cutters (optional)


step 1

1. The first step is arguably the most important – you must ensure your stringing material fits inside your end cap. If the diameter is too thick, simply rub the end of the cord to make it a little slimmer.

step 2

2. The end of your cord should also be flat for a better fit – simply snip the end slightly with your side cutters if it's too bulky or uneven, creating a cleanly cut surface for the end cap to sit on.

step 3

3. Add a couple of drops of strong glue into the end cap, then insert your stringing material, holding it firmly in place for a few seconds.

step 4

4. Repeat the whole process on the other side of your stringing material with the second end cap. Then, set the whole piece aside to dry for a few hours. Once completely dry, your end caps will be firmly attached to your cord – and you can move on to adding your clasp!