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Stuart Hillard's English Paper Piecing Top Tips

stuart hillard


Ensure your paper templates are not too thick. You will have to tack through them so a thinner paper will save your fingers in the long run.


Ensure your paper templates are accurate. Any discrepancies will result in badly fitted pieces and hours of frustration. Don't be tempted to draw around your last template each time, they'll end up getting bigger and bigger.


3Cheat with a glue stick. If you can't be bothered to tack the fabric to the template neatly, then simply fix it in place at the centre with the minimum of 'dry' glue and finger-press the material over the edges.


Plan it out before you start to sew the pieces together. This way you'll see where continuous lines of stitching are and you can save time.


Plan in advance. If you have a box of scraps and a box set to watch on TV, you might as well combine them and make up a stack of hexagons to use later. Pop them in a shallow box in rainbow colour order so you can see what you have and what you need at a glance.