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7 Whimsical Fairy Garden Ideas

Whether it’s for the kids or for yourself, a fairy garden is a fantastic opportunity to get crafty

7 Whimsical Fairy Garden Ideas

Fairy Doors

Tiny doors propped up against walls and trees are a great way to hint that magical creatures live there. Simply cut out a door shape from thin wood, or use a kit such as Debbi Moore’s Fairy Door and Embellishment Set (464668), then paint and decorate with various shiny embellishments! A fairy’s front door needs to look good, of course.

Tiny Pathways

Whether you use small stones, mosaic-style broken tile pieces or little pieces of wood, a pathway leading to the secret door is an adorable addition to the fairy garden, and won’t take more than a few minutes to make.

Little Garden

Why not clear a little space in front of the tiny door for the fairy’s front garden? Tiny flowers and a sheet of moss work best for the miniature plot, and you can also decorate with little plastic toadstools and frogs. Tiny flower pots would look adorable. Whatever you choose, it’ll be lots of fun playing garden designer.

Mini Fence

Once the fairies have a garden, they’ll need a fence to go around it. Ice lolly sticks are size-appropriate and will make a charming wooden fence when glued together. Once dry, push into the soil around the plot to secure them in place.

Fairy Furniture

If you want your new neighbours to be comfortable, they’ll need somewhere to sit while enjoying the sights and sounds of the outdoors. Why not try making a tiny swing set attached to a low-hanging branch, or a hammock from a scrap of fabric. You can even dot doll furniture around – it’s the right size, after all.

“Fairies Welcome” Sign

To welcome the fairies into your garden, you’re going to need a sign, of course, with a message in pretty, loopy font. You can even make the sign into a fairy silhouette itself, using a MDF design such as Debbi Moore’s Believe in Fairies Plaque (463881). Then, simply affix to a long stick or pole, and position amongst your plants.

Fairy Terrariums

Alternatively, if you want to bring the fairy garden inside as a precious decoration, you can set one up inside a jar, fishbowl or plant pot, especially if it’s been cracked to look like there are stairs leading up to the top. Simply use artificial moss and flowers instead.