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How to Make a Father’s Day Bookmark

It can be difficult to know what to give our dads on Father’s Day; we want to show our love and appreciation for our dads, but still give them something that’s practical and fun. That’s why we’ve created these animal-themed bookmarks. Not only is a bookmark practical, but you can also personalise it with your own message and design. What’s more, a bookmark can be kept for years to come, serving as a lovely reminder of the sentiment behind it.

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  1. Lay your A4 sheet of card flat so it’s landscape on your worktop. Using a ruler and a pencil, draw a vertical line that is at least 4cm from the edge of the sheet of card. Using scissors, cut along the line to create the main body of the bookmark. Repeat this process again so you have 2 equal strips of card.
  2. Using the remaining card and a die and die-cutting machine, cut out the design that will sit at the top of the bookmark. You can use whichever die you like best or use different mediums to create your design, such as a pre-cut topper, an embellishment, or a handmade design – the choice is yours!
  3. Using either a hot glue gun or standard craft glue, attach your die-cut element (or alternative design) to the top of one strip of card. Then glue the second strip over the first strip, making sure it sits over where the design has been attached. This will give your bookmark stability and keep it looking neat and tidy. Allow the bookmark to dry completely before moving on to the next stage.
  4. Now you can add your own personal message. You could write a lovely Father’s Day sentiment, a loving message, or fun facts about your dad – the choice is yours!
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