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7 Firework-Inspired Crafts for Bonfire Night

Bonfire Night is coming up and we have some great projects to get you and the little ones in the mood for a firework display

7 Firework-Inspired Crafts for Bonfire Night

1. Scratch art

All you need to make your own scratch art is a colourful pack of Mungyo Oil Pastels Assorted Colours, black poster paint and washing up liquid. Simply colour all over a white card with the oil pastels, creating a rainbow pattern or a design of your choosing, and then combine the black paint with a drop of soap and paint the mixture over the pastels. Once dry, you can begin scratching away the paint in firework shapes to expose the bright colours underneath.

2. Easy painted fireworks

There are so many ways to make simple firework stamps for little ones to get creative with. Cut one end of a paper tube into strips and then fold the strips out, or create the same shape with pipe cleaners by twisting several together and folding the ends out. If all of that sounds like a little too much work, you could even grab a fork, dip the bottom in paint and then stamp it down on paper, going around in a circle to create a firework explosion. Use Glitz Crafts Metallic Acrylic Paint Kit to add some extra shimmer to your fireworks.

3. Shaving foam fireworks

Getting creative doesn’t always mean a trip to the craft store – many projects, like these shaving foam bursts, can be made with the things you may have lying around the house. Spray some shaving foam out into a pan and then smooth it out. Dot your favourite colours around the shaving foam and then feather them with a toothpick. To make a print of your fireworks, just press a piece of paper on top gently and peel it away to see your creation.

4. No fire sparklers

Design some sparklers that are safe for anyone to use with cellophane, foil and straws. Cut out a few colours of A4 size cellophane sheets from Creativity International Clear Wrap Rolls Assortment - 24 rolls, and then cut a pieces of foil to the same size. Layer up a few colours each with a piece of foil underneath, and then cut strips into the layers. Roll it around a straw, fluff out your tassels and wave your sparkler around to your heart’s content.

5. Paper rocket

Rockets will be soaring into the air on fireworks night, but you can make your own for the kids to fly around the house. Wrap Kanbags Tissue Paper around a cardboard tube and then decorate with glitter, strips of paper or gems – try Craft Buddy Set of 10 Packs of Self-Adhesive Double Colour Rhinestones and Pearls. Cut out a semi-circle and curl it into a cone shape. Attach the top and then cut different size strips of tissue paper and attach them to the inside of the bottom of the rocket.

6. Swirly paper fireworks

Use your papercrafting skills to make a swirling firework display. Cut out colourful strips from Core Collection A4 Card Colour Shades, and then curl some of your strips up into coils. Dip the edge of each coil into glue and press onto a piece of dark paper. Create bursts by dipping curved strips into glue and arranging them together on the paper. Once you’re finished, you can even decorate the night sky with a moon and stars.

7. Glitter jar

Glitter jars are great tools for mindfulness, but they can also be used to replicate the sparkle of a firework. Just fill a jar with warm water, clear glue or glitter glue like Moxy Glitter Glue Bright and Bold, a few spoonfuls of glitter and a couple of drops of food colouring. Fill the jar about halfway with water, add the other ingredients, and then top up with the rest of the water, remembering to leave a slight gap at the top. Now shake away!