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Welcome to the Create and Craft Club

Welcome to the Create and Craft Club

Calm Your Thoughts with 7 Fun and Mindful Crafts

We all experience a bit of stress now and then, especially with all the uncertainties in the world right now, and when that happens, there’s no better solution than settling down with a soothing craft. Projects that involve repetitive motions and don’t require much thinking are perfect for soothing troubled thoughts and lowering blood pressure, all while expressing your creativity in fun ways. We’ve rounded up seven of these fantastic projects, so see what appeals to you and get ready for a lovely, relaxing crafting session.

Calm Your Thoughts with 7 Fun and Mindful Crafts

1. Knit Blanket

There’s nothing more soothing than making simple lines of knit and purl stitches while snuggled up on the sofa, and after a few sessions of this, you’ll have a lovely blanket to enjoy too. Have a go at making our simple baby blanket here – it features sweet stripes of colour that only require you to change yarns approximately every 32 rows, meaning you can just knit without checking the pattern every minute.

2. Zentangle Drawing

The beauty of this simple drawing method is that anything goes – it’s basically about sitting down in a quiet space and enjoying some peace, as you make slow and deliberate strokes of a pen that eventually come together to make a lovely pattern. Even if the result isn’t how you planned, it’s still something creative and unique to you, so it’s still wonderful.

3. Watercolour Painting

Since watercolour paint mixes and spreads so easily, it doesn’t take much effort to create dreamy, gorgeous pieces. In fact, Kathryn Coyle has put together some simple yet beautiful watercolour projects that are perfect for a spot of mindfulness. Simply pick up a set of watercolour paints – such as the Kuretake Gansai Tambi Collection (497246) – and enjoy making some soothing paintings.

4. Coloured Artwork

The simple motions of colouring in are wonderfully soothing and enable you to bring lovely works of art to life, even if drawing isn’t your strong point. Plus, there are a number of fabulous adult colouring books out there to enjoy. Natura (478473) is filled to the brim with tropical holiday-inspired birds and scenery, while Geometric Meditations (478474) features mandalas and intricate patterns.

5. Crochet Mandala

Since mandalas tend to use simple stitches over and over, crocheting one is a nice activity to keep your hands busy while your mind wanders. Not to mention, the results are always stunning. Give it a go with Charlie Mumford’s lovely mini mandala project here – it’s a great introduction to the craft for beginners, and a relaxing make for experienced crocheters.

6. Weighted Quilt Blanket

Weighted blankets provide a reassuring sense of safety and well being to those suffering from anxiety and stress. The process of making one can be incredibly calming, too, as you sew lines across the piece to create the quilted appearance. Have a go at making your own using Becky Cole’s fantastic tutorial here, inserting Plastic Pellets (479895) to achieve the desired weight.

7. Baked Cakes

It’s no wonder that ‘stress baking’ is a thing, when creating tasty-looking cakes is so relaxing. We’ve listed five of our favourite cake kits here that are great for both beginner and experienced bakers, so whether you’re partial to a vanilla sponge or chocolate brownies, you’re bound to find something that suits you. Each kit includes all the dry ingredients you need, so there’s no need for long shopping lists – you can jump straight into the fun part!