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Welcome to the Create and Craft Club

Welcome to the Create and Craft Club

7 Gorgeous Embroidery Designs To Try

If you haven’t given this craft a try before, now’s the time

6 No-Knit Yarn Crafts that are Simple to Make

1 Succulents

Plants come in all shapes and sizes, and succulents are some of the quirkiest – this makes them super fun to embroider. Plus, you can use a variety of different stitches to achieve a fun, textured design. Try Charlotte Newland’s ‘Looking Sharp!’ cactus embroidery at – it’s so charming, and even beginner-friendly

2 Wildflowers

You can’t go wrong with flowers – after all, many embroidery stitches were developed specifically to embroider them – but when they’re wildflowers, you can really get creative with the design. Dandelions, brambles, ivy, daisies and lady’s glove are all super fun to stitch. Make sure to use plenty of colours, such as those in our Embroidery Floss.

3 Initials

Much like in quilling, having a negative space for your initials then surrounding it with gorgeous swirls and flowers makes for a stunning piece of art. Make sure to use an air soluble pen, to plan out the initials, then go wild with the decorative design – there’s no limit to what creative things you can do.

4 Uplifting Messages

An uplifting message, even if it’s just ‘Welcome Home’, makes for a gorgeous piece of art in the home. To make sure the font looks good, it’s helpful to lightly sketch your design with an air soluble pen first, then embroider it. Have a go at our sparkly ‘Love’ embroidered hoop, at

5 Feathers

Birds come in all the colours of the rainbow – just think how lovely birds of paradise are – so, of course, a chance to embroider their feathers is great fun. You can opt for a single centred feather, or go for a whole bunch. Use shiny thread, such as those in Gutermann Machine Embroidery Thread Kit Rayon Reels, for amazing results.

6 Spider’s Web

While better suited for Halloween, spiders’ webs are actually lots of fun to embroider – spiders are nature’s unexpected artists. After all, how gorgeous are the webs on a dewy morning? Why not try Charlotte Newland’s fab embroidered hoop at It even has a cute felt spider attached.

7 Tree

The lines of embroidered thread suit the branches of a tree very well. Why not embroider a skeleton tree with lots of branches in the centre of your hoop, then get creative with the leaves? They don’t just have to be green either – pink and blue or even a rainbow of colours creates an amazing result.