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How to Make Spooky Halloween Spoons

How to Make Spooky Halloween Spoons

As if running around the neighbourhood dressed as a ghost and demanding sweets from all your neighbours isn’t already the most fun thing to do – now you can add even more fun to Halloween with these cute puppet spoons! Give them to the kids to play with, or use them to add decoration to the plant pots on your doorstep… Whatever you do with them, they’re bound to be well-received!


  • Wooden Spoon
  • Green Paint
  • Paintbrush
  • Black Craft Foam
  • Red Craft Foam
  • Pink Craft Foam
  • Frayed Fabric (for the witch’s hair)
  • Black Crafting Pipe Cleaners
  • Black/Printed Tissue Paper
  • Adhesive
  • Sticky Tape
  • Black Drinking Straw
  • Googly Eyes
  • Scissors

METHOD: Witch Spoon Puppet & Black Cat Straw

  1. Paint your wooden spoon green by evenly applying a thin coat of green paint using a paintbrush, then allow this to dry. Once dry, apply a second coat to ensure a good, uniform coverage, and leave to dry once again.
  2. Begin to wrap a black pipe cleaner around the handle of the wooden spoon, starting right at the base of spoon bowl. Leave approximately 6cm of additional length of pipe cleaner overhanging on either end – these will be your witch’s arms!
  3. Next, lay out a sheet of black or printed tissue paper, and apply glue all the way along one straight edge of the paper. Wrap this tissue around the handle of the spoon, ensuring the glued edge is at the base of the black pipe cleaner. Stick this down onto the handle as you wrap to give your witch a big floaty skirt.
  4. Now that your witch is dressed, it’s time to give her a face. Apply two googly eyes and cut a nose and mouth shape from your red craft foam. Apply these to your witch’s face using adhesive.
  5. Apply glue all around the top edge of the wooden spoon bowl, then secure your frayed fabric all around this edge – this will give your witch some truly terrifying hair! Alternatively, you can use wool or twine to give her a really crazy ‘do.
  6. Cut out your witch’s hat using black craft foam, and apply glue to the back of this. Put it atop the witch’s head, and press firmly to ensure it sticks.
  7. Your witch is good to go – let’s give her a sidekick! Take your black craft foam and cut out the shape of a cat’s head. Secure this to the top of a black drinking straw using sticky tape at the back.
  8. Cut three small triangles from your pink craft foam – apply two to the cat’s ears and one to centre of the cat’s face using glue. Cut one more small triangle, this time from red craft foam, and apply this beneath the central pink triangle. Now your cat has ears, a nose, and a mouth! Finish off his face with two googly eyes.
  9. Take another piece of black pipe cleaner and secure it to the straw, halfway down, by twisting it all the way around at one end – this is your cat’s tail.
  10. Voila – your fabulous Halloween spoon toys are complete! Give them to the children and demand a spooky puppet show, or use them to decorate your home.
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