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How to Make a Halloween Wreath

How to Make a Halloween Wreath

Decorate your front door this Halloween with a handmade spooky wreath! You can really get creative when creating your own wreath, using a mixture of materials and accessories to make a real statement. But most importantly, you’ll want to make a good impression – after all, your ghoulish wreath will be the first thing trick or treaters see when they dare to knock upon your door!


  • Plain Grapevine Wreath
  • Paper Raffia Ribbon
  • Plastic Leaves or Plastic Leaf Vine Garland
  • Hot Glue Gun
  • Embellishments of Your Choice – such as:
    • Googly Plastic Eyes
    • Plastic Pumpkins & Skulls
    • Bows
    • Black Feathers

METHOD: Creative Halloween Wreath

  1. Take your plain vine wreath and place it on a table along with a selection of embellishments; you want an assortment of large focal point pieces, as well as smaller accents.
  2. Wrap a plastic leaf garland around the vine wreath using a hot glue gun. Glue the end of the garland and then stick it onto the bottom of the wreath. Weave it around so that your wreath is covered, but still shows vines through gaps. Stick the other end of the garland to the wreath using a hot glue gun, and then stick down random bits to secure it all in place.
  3. Once your wreath is covered, get creative with extra embellishments. Try sticking on bows, feathers, and even pumpkins – whatever you can find. If you have plastic skulls, glue them to dowel rods and insert it into the wreath between vines. You can then hide any visible glue with googly eyes.
  4. Finish off with a plaque or large sentiment of your choice, displayed wherever you see fit.
  5. Lastly, make a loop at the top of your wreath with ribbon or raffia, so you have something to hang it up with. Make sure your wreath is completely dry before hanging on your front door.

METHOD: Pumpkin Halloween Candy Bucket

  1. Prepare an area ready to get messy. Lay an old sheet on the ground and cover the handle and inside of your bucket with tape – you don’t want these areas painted.
  2. Spray over the basket with orange spray paint and leave to dry. Repeat this process with 2 to 3 more coats of paint.
  3. After the paint has completely dried, copy a spooky pumpkin face from a template or draw out your own on paper. Cut it out and draw around the paper onto the bucket, then fill in the mouth, eyes, nose, and any other features with a black marker pen.
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