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Welcome to the Create and Craft Club

Welcome to the Create and Craft Club

Hand Lettering

Hand lettering 101

New to the craft of creating beautiful scripts? Read on for handy tips to get you started

1. Gather the essentials

Before you venture into hand lettering, you'll need a selection of tools. Mechanical or lead pencils should be first on your list closely followed by a ruler and pens. You can choose between fine-tip pens for more detailed work or a thicker-sized nib for filling in your letters. Oh, and don't forget you'll need some paper, too! Opt for a sketchbook to keep all your lettering safe, or use tracing paper if you're after a nice smooth surface to practice on..

2. Plan of action

Once you've bought all the essentials, it's best to look through a few fonts that you find appealing. There's nothing wrong with imitating them, in fact, when you're new to the art of hand lettering it's best to use fonts you've found online as a reference. Ensure that you print them and keep them safe!

3. Warm up

Before you dive head first into your craft project practice lettering on scraps of paper to help familiarise yourself with the motions. First, use a ruler to draw your baselines above and below where you want your text to fit. These guide lines will make it easy to keep your letters precise. Once you've mastered simple lettering, you can move on to more complex shapes and curves, however, try to keep the shapes the same size and evenly spaced.

4. Get crafting

Now that you're comfortable with creating basic letter forms, it's time to experiment! Choose a project that you'd really like to jazz up using creative script and give it a go. Whether you want to make a card for a loved one or personalise a gift tag, the possibilities are endless. Don't be afraid to mix up your fonts either – you may end up with a make that's truly beautiful.

5. Embellishments

If you fancy a stylish spin on your newly mastered skill, why not try adding intricate flourishes? Determine the theme you'd like to use, then do some research to find a few decorative elements that catch your eye. Practice creating them on scraps of paper before adding them to your project for a lovely finish.