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How to Make a Heart-Shaped Card

How to Make a Heart-Shaped Card

February has long been renowned as a month of romance, in which the love-struck among us exchange heartfelt cards and gifts in order to woo the objects of our affection. Of course, we’re talking about Valentine’s Day, and since it’s fast-approaching, what better way for a crafter to show that special someone how much they care than with a one-of-a-kind, handmade token of love? This Valentine’s Day card is something a little different; it's an envelope and a card - in one! The heart folds into the perfect envelope, then unfolds to reveal your own heartfelt message.

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METHOD: Heart-Shaped Card and Envelope – in One!

  1. Take your plain piece of paper and fold it in half lengthways. Once folded, place it on the table and draw one half of a heart onto one side, with the folded edge at the centre of the heart.
  2. Keeping the piece of paper folded, cut along this outline, and then unfold to reveal you full-sized and perfectly symmetrical heart-shaped template.
  3. Place this on top of your plain piece of card and draw around it to produce a heart-shaped outline on the card.

    Heart Shaped Card Stage 3

  4. Using a sharp pair of scissors, cut around the outline you’ve drawn on your piece of card to produce a heart-shaped piece of card.
  5. Next, use a ruler to draw two parallel horizontal lines across the heart, and then two parallel vertical lines, as shown. These mark where you’ll fold the card.

    Heart Shaped Card Stage 5

  6. Fold the two edges of the card inwards along the two vertical lines, as shown.

    Heart Shaped Card Stage 6

  7. Next, fold the back edge of the card (with the double-curved edge representing the top of the heart) towards you along the furthest horizontal line. This will produce an envelope-shaped pocket, open only at one end.

    Heart Shaped Card Stage 7

  8. To close this pocket, fold the pointed edge that’s closest to you into the centre of the envelope, along the closest horizontal line.

    Heart Shaped Card Stage 8

  9. Now that all the folds have been correctly placed, you can unfold the heart so that it’s flat once again; this will enable you to easily decorate both the outer surface (exterior of the envelope) and the inner surface (interior of the envelope).
  10. To decorate your heart-shaped card, you could matt and layer coloured paper, adhere decopatch paper, use stamps and inks, paints, embellishments, or a range of other mixed media to add colour and detail to both sides of your heart.
  11. Once your heart is fully decorated and dry, place a note, a gift or something else inside. Use a decorative piece of ribbon, string or twine to keep the heart secure once folded shut, until it’s time for your loved one to open it on the big day!

    Heart Shaped Card Stage 11

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