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How to Make a Heart-Shaped Wind Chime

How to Make a Heart-Shaped Wind Chime

With Valentine’s Day just around the corner, what better way to show your significant other just how much they mean to you than by decorating your boudoir with a beautiful heart-shaped wind chime? This project is fun, simple to make, and a little different to the usual Valentine’s Day card.

You Will Need


METHOD: Candy Hearts Wind Chime

  1. Prepare the wire to place into the Plaster of Paris by cutting several 4” pieces and bending them into a ‘U’ shape. Then, curve each end of the wire.
  2. Make your Plaster of Paris by carefully following the instruction on the back of the tub. Once made, fill your heart mould with the mixture – about half an inch full.
  3. Place each ‘U’ shaped piece of wire at the top of each heart, and then leave them to set completely.
  4. Once the plaster has dried, carefully remove your hearts from the moulds and set them aside while you prepare your chalk finish paint. Then, paint each heart and leave to dry.
  5. Prepare your wooden block; this is where your hearts will hang to resemble a wind chime. Lay the wood out on top of a scrap piece of wood and mark out every inch along the block. Drill each marking all the way through.
  6. Paint your block of wood any colour you like – a pastel colour will suit the theme – and leave it to dry. Once completely dry, it’s time to assemble. Arrange your hearts on the table below the block, laying them out where you’d like them to hang. Cut the ribbon to your desired lengths and thread them through the holes. Tie a heart on each end through its wire.
  7. To hang the wind chime up, tie an additional piece of ribbon through each end, and then tie a big bow at the very top.
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