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Quick & Easy Paper Knife

Quick & Easy Paper Knife

Whether you’re looking for the perfect accessory to finish off your pirate or knight costume, or you’re hoping to bolster your child’s fancy dress box, you’ll need a paper knife or sword to look even fiercer! Either way, a paper knife is so easy to make and much safer to play with than plastic!

You Will Need:


METHOD: Quick & Easy Paper Knife

  1. Choose a sheet of paper; it can be whatever colour you wish, so long as it’s quite sturdy in thickness. Lay the sheet flat on a table and fold the top right corner over; line it up along the edge of the left side of the paper. This folded part will form a triangle, with a rectangular piece remaining along the bottom. Then, run your fingers along the crease you've created for a crisp finish.
  2. Using scissors, cut away the rectangle from the bottom and set it aside. Unfold the triangle you’ve left to reveal a square-shaped piece of paper. This sheet will be used for the knife’s blade.
  3. Fold the square 3 to 4 times lengthwise to leave a long piece at least 1 - 2 inches thick. At one end, cut a slanted edge to resemble the blade’s tip.
  4. Staple the blade in two places – the top end and the centre – to secure the layers of paper.
  5. Make a handle from the rectangular piece of paper you set aside. Your handle should be about an inch longer than the slanted part of the blade. Measure and cut it to the appropriate length, and then fold it to the width you’d like your handle to be.
  6. Decorate accordingly, or get your kids to join in with the fun and decorate it!
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