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How to Make Felt

How to Make Felt

Looking to get started on a felting project? Have you ever tried making your own felt, rather than buying felt sheet from the shop? Now's your chance to try something new! Making felt is an inexpensive hobby and doesn't require complex supplies, making it incredibly accessible for all.

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METHOD: DIY Wool Felt Sheets

  1. Cover a table with a large, old towel to protect the surface. Making felt requires lots of water, so ensure you're in the kitchen or on table that don't mind getting wet. Pull off tufts of felting fibre wool and lay down strips onto a sheet of bubble wrap or a bamboo mat.
  2. Alternate between horizontal layers of wool and vertical layers, making sure that the wool strips are close together and you don't have any visible gaps. Eight layers of wool will produce a good sheet of felt at the end. The wool should be very fluffy at this stage.
  3. Take your nylon net and place it over the top of the wool fibres – this will hold the layers in place. Carefully pour the hot water over the top and press down as you go; this will help to soak the water in and expel any unwanted air. You want the wool to be wet, but not completely saturated.
  4. Rub some soap or detergent into your hands before patting over the fibres. Place another sheet of bubble wrap over the soap and push slightly. Begin to roll the felt back and forth in one direction, roughly 20 times. Open the roll, turn the fibres over, and repeat the same process.
  5. By now, your fibres should have started to mat together. After a few more rolls, pinch the fibres slightly and test whether they come away or stay in place. If the fibres are coming away, then the felt is not ready and you need to continue rolling. If it appears matted, then the felting process has been a success.
  6. Keep rolling until your sheet of felt is at your desired thickness. If you want to shrink and harden the felt slightly, put it into your washing machine on a hot cycle with some old towels.
  7. Once you're happy, make sure you rinse the felt well before crafting to make sure that all the soap has washed out. Happy felting!
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