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How to Make Wax Crayons

How to Make Wax Crayons

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  1. Ensure you have all the necessary materials set out in front of you, so you don’t have to find things as you go along. If not, you could this delay the process or your wax may harden before you get the chance to mould it.
  2. Decide how many colours you want and measure out 2 – 3 grams of colourant for each cup. If you’re using chalk to colour your wax, simply grind the chalk sticks into fine powder and measure out accordingly.
  3. Put each colour into a separate disposable cup; the amount of pigment you have will determine how vibrant your crayons will be. This step is important – do not skip it! Measure the pigments out while the wax is melting as Carnauba wax will harden quickly once it’s removed from the heat.
  4. Melt the wax in an old saucepan that you don’t mind throwing away afterwards. Set the saucepan over a low heat and place it in the wax. Once it has completed melted, reduce to the lowest heat possible. At this point, you can add grated beeswax or soy wax for a more traditional crayon.
  5. You can now start mixing the wax with colour! You may want a helping hand for this part. Add a few tablespoons of wax into one of the cups with your chosen colour in, and place the saucepan back on the heat. Quickly mix the colour and melted wax together before immediately pouring into the silicone mould. Use a spoon to help you pack in the wax and form the desired shape, if necessary.
  6. Repeat with the rest of the colours. Once you’ve used up all the melted wax, leave your crayons to harden for at least 2 hours before using.
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