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How to Sew a French Seam

How to Sew a Hem

Looking to spruce up an outdated item of clothing that you’ve discovered at the back of your wardrobe? Or maybe you’ve bought a new skirt that’s a little too long? Whatever the project, once you know how to sew a simple and smooth hem, you’ll be open to a world of possibilities!

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METHOD: Creating a Half Inch Double Fold Hem

  1. Thanks to the half inch double fold hem, your finished piece will be 1 inch shorter than the original length. First, place the fabric wrong side up on an ironing board. Fold the raw edge of the fabric up towards the wrong side, and then fold the entire length using a Sewing gauge to ensure the fold is half an inch along the whole way.
  2. Heat up your iron and press the folded edge along the length of the edge you want hemming. Fold again by half an inch, ensuring that the raw edge is contained within this fold and not on show.
  3. Iron along the fold once more and then pin in place. At this stage, it’s time to use your Sewing machine to stitch an eighth of an inch away from the folded edge; this will secure the hem in place. Remove the pins as you sew along the hem.
  4. Make sure you stich backwards a stitch at the beginning at least twice, and again at the end of stitching. This will lock the stitches in place.
  5. 5.Iron the hemline once more once you’ve finished smoothing the edge. There you have it – a perfect hemline! Now you can alter an array of clothing!
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