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How to Sew a Jersey Fabric

How to Sew a Jersey Fabric

As jersey is a soft weft-knitted fabric, some think it's difficult to sew with. However, all jersey fabric needs is a bit of care! Originally it was made from wool fibres, but now it's commonly made up of a combination of synthetic fibres, cotton, and wool. This fabric behaves a little differently to woven fabrics; keep reading to discover some useful tips. You'll be sewing jersey fabric like a pro in no time!

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METHOD: The Ins and Outs of Jersey Fabric

  1. The recommended sewing machine needles for jersey fabric are ballpoint or stretch needles. Ballpoints feature slightly rounded tips that pass through the looped structure of a material without laddering it.
  2. Set your sewing machine to a zig zag stitch and make yourself acquainted with your new friend. This choice of stitch will provide the garment with enough stretch, so you can pull it over your body. If you're lucky enough to have a high-tech sewing machine that offers a stretch stitch or a 'lightning bolt' stitch, then that's your best bet!
  3. Switch up your presser foot; jersey fabric needs a good grip to prevent it from stretching the fabric. Try a walking foot or dual feed foot attachment for your sewing machine. Either one of these will be useful for helping to prevent one layer of fabric from stretching out while sewing. They grip the fabric and feed both layers through the machine at the same speed.
  4. Make sure that you use a polyester all-purpose thread whilst sewing with jersey fabric. Believe it or not, it actually has a teeny bit of stretch so it'll be more resilient when you stretch the t-shirt hem. Cotton thread, on the other hand, has no stretch whatsoever.
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