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How to Wind a Bobbin

How to Wind a Bobbin

The one thing to remember when winding a bobbin is that the technique depends on the sewing machine that you're working with. However, you must always wind the bobbin before threading the machine and needle! This handy how-to takes you through those all-important steps.

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METHOD: Winding Your Sewing Machine's Bobbin

  1. Select your thread and place it on your sewing machine's spool pin. Make sure you remember to put the spool cap on top of the thread to keep it secure and untangled.
  2. Wind the thread through the sewing machine's bobbin guide. Make sure you check the manual to find out the correct way to thread your machine.
  3. Place the end of your thread on the bobbin. If your bobbin has a hole in the top, thread the end through from the inside of the bobbin, towards the outside.
  4. Wind a few loops by hand before loading the bobbin onto the spindle of your machine's bobbin winder. Push the spindle securely against the bobbin stop.
  5. Start your machine on a slow speed at first, just to make sure the bobbin is winding the right way. If it is, increase the speed until you have as much thread as you need on the bobbin, or until the bobbin winder comes to an automatic stop.
  6. Snip off the excess thread close to the bobbin, then push the bobbin winder away from the bobbin stop, and remove the bobbin.
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