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5 Creative Ideas For Clay

When you think of working with clay, you may get visions of a complex set up with expensive components such as a pottery wheel and a kiln, impractical for crafting at home or on a budget. But there are types of clay that make it an accessible medium to work with, creating stunning results without the need for complicated equipment. Most of the time, the only tool you need is your hands! Clay is great for beginners and advanced crafters alike, as if you mess up, you can simply squish it back into a ball and start over.

5 Creative Ideas For Clay

1. Candle holder

image credit: A Beautiful Mess /

A candle holder adds an elegant touch to any shelf, and you’ll enjoy the effect even more when you have the satisfaction of making it with your own hands. Using a clay such as our Soft Then Strong Air Drying Polymer Resin Clay, roll out a rectangle to a thickness of about 0.25”. Use a straw to poke holes in the clay so that the light can shine through. To assemble the candle holder, simply create a base from a flat circle of clay and wrap the rectangle into a cylinder around this. Use your finger to smooth out the edges for a clean finish. For the finishing touch, place an LED candle into the holder to achieve the perfect flickering ambience without the risks of an open flame.

2. Stamped clay

image credit: Gathering Beauty /

Plain white clay can be effective on its own, but sometimes your makes need a little extra wow-factor. Intricate designs can be created in seconds with the help of your trusty stamp collection! Flatten some clay to a thickness of about 3mm. You can then use stamps to create imprints into the surface – use the same stamp more than once for a repeated design or mix it up using different stamps across the surface. To add colour to the clay you can use paints to carefully fill in the imprints, but an easier method is to press the stamp onto an ink pad like the Hunkydory Prism Ink Pads Collection before you stamp it on the clay. Your stamped masterpieces can then be sculpted into a whole range of shapes, such as trinket dishes, coasters or ornaments.

3. Pencil holder

image credit: Lines Across /

Let us guess – you have an abundance of pencils, but you can never seem to find the colour you want when you need it! Organisation in the craft room is always welcome, so a homemade clay pencil holder may just make your crafting life that little bit easier. Plus, it's super simple to make, as you just need to form a shape that you’re happy with and poke some holes with the end of a pencil.

4. Bouquet

image credit: Georgia P Designs /

What could be better than a bouquet that lasts forever? Using clay to create delicate floral arrangements is the perfect craft to make for a loved one as they’ll be able to enjoy the beauty of your hard work for years to come. You can sculpt each petal by hand, if you prefer, but for more uniform flowers try creating each one with a silicone mould, such as our Silicone Mould Flowers. For extra realistic blooms, use a product like our Flower Pro Ultimate Petal Veiner to add texture to the petals.

5. Jewellery

The possibilities for jewellery making with clay are endless! Bracelets, earrings, necklaces, brooches – the only limit is your imagination. Small beads are so simple to make, and you can really get creative with how you decorate them. From there, all you need to do is attach a clasp or hook to make the beads wearable. Making your own jewellery like this is a great way to express your personality, as you don’t have to stick to classic spherical beads. Why not try making some cute craft-related jewellery, like a paintbrush charm or some scissor earrings?