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  • Lesson 20 - 31st August 11am
  • Lesson 21 - 12th October 11am
  • Lesson 22 - 2nd November 11am
  • Lesson 23 - 30th November 11am

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Barbara Gray

Remember those school days? Well, we’re taking you back to the classroom for some lessons in your favourite subject – crafting – with an expert teacher.

Each month, Barbara Gray from Claritystamp Limited, will be at the head of the classroom, demonstrating a range of stamping techniques – and you can work alongside her. Then, after each show, when you’ve finished your homework, send in your finished masterpieces for us to share with your fellow pupils!

Remember; check back here after each masterclass to find out what you’ll need to get ready for the next lesson. So, give your uniform a dusting and get your stamps at the ready; it’s time to go back to school!