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Welcome to the Create and Craft Club

Welcome to the Create and Craft Club

7 Ingenious Fake Plants to Craft

Whether you struggle with live plants, or just fancy getting crafty, these projects are great fun!

7 Ingenious Fake Plants to Craft

1 Crepe Paper Roses

When it comes to flowers, you can’t go wrong with roses – they come in a huge range of beautiful colours that all mean different things, making them great gifts for friends, family and partners. Plus, when you craft them with crepe paper, not only will they not need watering, but they’ll look almost like the real thing. Why not have a go at Lia Griffith’s amazing rose buds here?

2 Crochet Cacti

Cacti come in all different shapes and sizes, some of them really quirky. For that reason, they’re great beginner crochet projects – even if you make a mistake or get the shaping wrong, you can still pass it off as a unusual-looking cactus. The crochet texture makes for an impressive and semi-realistic look too!

3 Felt Succulents

Succulents are hardy plants that don’t need to be watered often and, when made with felt, not at all! They’re super easy too – some of the most recognised succulents are Dudleya, which can be created by cutting several flower shapes from green felt, colouring the tips of the petals red, and stacking them. The felt gives them a delightfully fluffy look, making them charming house ‘plants’.

4 Crepe Paper Gardenias

Gardenias are a big trickier when it comes to crepe flowers, since they require more intricate shaping, but the results are well worth it. In fact, since the flowers are associated with purity, love and refinement, they’re a popular choice for wedding occasions – so they’re guaranteed to bring an element of elegance to your home. Why not have a go at Lia Griffith’s sweet gardenias here?

5 Card Cheese Plant Leaves

Cheese plant leaves make excellent decorations when put in a vase, and bring a sense of fun and the tropical to a room. It’s unsurprising that they’re very on-trend right now. To make some yourself, simply cut the leaf shapes from card, shape the edges, add highlights with chalk paint, and attach to a garden cane covered with green florists’ tape.

6 Paper Heart Leaf Philodendron

Sprawling philodendrons are always lots of fun, on fences and in hanging planters. They do require a lot of sunlight though, and may not always be suited to a room. However, with green paper, twine and patience, you can craft a brilliant faux one. Why not create a lovely hanging macrame planter too, for a delightful touch of Scandi.

7 Origami Succulents

There are numerous origami succulent tutorials available online, so it’s hard to choose where to begin. Just make sure to stock up on lots of shades of green origami paper so you can make plenty of variations, or you could instead opt for all sorts of colours to create alien-like plants. Then you can fold a round pot to put them in, or blu tack them to your desk for a bit of faux nature.