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Exclusive Project

Alcohol Ink Tile coasters

Alcohol inks have been around for ages, I’ve had some in my stash for a while and I forgot about them until recently when I was having a ‘clear out’. I’ve rekindled my love for them and really enjoyed experimenting with different mediums; it’s so easy to forget how versatile they can be! Here I’ve taken some plain white gloss white tiles from my local DIY store and re-vamped them into something cool and purposeful.

You will need:

  • Gloves – this is a must as it WILL stain your hands
  • Alcohol ink – various colours
  • Tiles
  • Isopropyl alcohol 99% (rubbing alcohol) or blending solution from ranger
  • A dropper bottle
  • A Lighter
  • A well ventilated room with a good clear space
  • Stamps
  • Stazon Black ink

Time to Make: 1 Hour

Skill Level: Intermediate


  1. planning Take some of your Isopropyl alcohol and put some in a dropper bottle. Please don’t put it into a spritzer bottle as it’s not good to vaporize this stuff.
  2. planning Make sure you have plenty of space around where your going to be working, don’t have anything hangin above you or beside your tile that might catch fire. Give your tile a wipe over with a small drop of your rubbing alcohol and a dry cloth to remove any residue, then pour a few drops of the rubbing alcohol over the tile. Then take a few drops of your alcohol ink in a few colours and drop them onto the tile. Swirl it around and watch the colours mix together.
  3. planning Pour a few more drops of your rubbing alcohol on and swirl around again.
  4. planning Now very carefully, take your lighter and light the corner of your tile. The flames might get quite high so keep a good distance away and be careful to make sure nothing else catches fire. Watch as the fire burns out the alcohol, leaving behind a beautiful design of colour behind.
  5. When the flames are out – it should only take a wee minute or so to burn out, you’ll see a beautifully marbled effect left on your tile. You can add more colour and more alcohol ink to add to the design, or leave it as it is if you are happy with the result. You’ll never quite get the same result twice with this technique. If you don’t like the way it looks, simply wipe it clean using the rubbing alcohol and a dry cloth and start over again.
  6. planning If you want to decorate it further, take a stamp of your choice and using stazon ink, stamp your chosen image directly onto the tile, it’s a slippery surface, so you’ll need a steady hand for this.
  7. planning If you want to take your design further by giving it a two tone look, simply add some masking tape to a section of the tile, then work on one area at a time following steps 2-5 on both sides of the masking tape. Just move the masking tape after completing the first section.
  8. I finished off my coasters by spreading a thin layer of mod podge over the tile to seal it and added 4 small rubber dots (1 to each corner of the tile) to the underside of the tile so save the tile scratching your surfaces when in use.