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Exclusive Project

Inspiration Book

Inspiration Book - Designed for Create and Craft by Louise Dunbar

"Do you ever find that you’ve run out of inspiration, or you’ve hit a wall when you come to crafting? Or sometimes you just have too many options for you, you get stuck with where to start. Well why not make an inspiration book to reference to when you feel that you’ve lost your mojo." - Louise Dunbar

You will need:

  • A3 Cardstock – at least 4 sheets
  • Paper trimmer
  • Score board and score tool
  • Glue
  • Red liner tape

Time to Make: up to a few hours

Skill Level: Experienced


  1. Trim down and score 4 sheets of A3 card stock to the following sizes. (If you don’t have A3 cardstock, you can stick 2 pieces of A4 together then trim down)

    • 1 @ 40cm scored at 18 and 22cm
    • 1 @ 38cm scored at 17 ½ and 20 ½ cm
    • 1 @ 36cm scored at 17 and 19 cm
    • 1 @ 34cm scored at 16 ½ and 17 ½ cm

    To trim down the height if using A3, my trimmer wasn’t big enough to fit it under, so I folded along one of the score lines then trimmed down. I trimmed my height to 21cm, you can trim to whatever height you’d like but the beauty of using A3 cardstock initially is that when you’ve trimmed the pages down, you’ll be able to make a second smallest booked form the waste.

  2. Fold and crease along the score lines. Add red liner tape into the centre of the 2 score lines on the 3 smaller pieces of card. I found that by marking a small pencil line into the centre of each piece of card helped me line up the pages better. Attach the pages together using the red liner tape and the pencil line as your guide.

  3. Create your mats and layers for your pages, simply just measure each page then trim down accordingly using your chosen colours.

  4. If you’d like to add more dimension and interest to your pages, there are a few different ways to create pockets. The first way is to measure the width of the page, cut a piece of card stock to 2cm bigger that the width and a cm bigger than you want the height to be. Then score in 1cm on 3 sides, trim away the squares in the corners where the score lines cross, then add red liner tape, fold the score lines up and attach to your page and you’ll have created a pocket.

    Another way to make a pocket is to cut a diagonal piece of card stock the slightly smaller than the page and attach it by adding glue or tape only to the 2 small straight edges, the diagonal edge becomes the pocket.

    And you can also add in flaps and fold down bits to your pages by simply trimming a piece to the height or width of the page, scoring a 1 cm edge and attaching to the page, this will then create a fold out piece.

  5. Inspiration Book Inspiration Book Inspiration Book

    Now it’s time to go wild and let your ideas just flow. You can add anything you like to your pages, things you’ve tried, things that you know works, you can add photos of things you want to try, measurements of boxes or cards you’ve tried.

    On my pages, I used a double spread to put in the months of the year and I’ve added family members birthdays, so I can remember when I need to make my cards and gifts for them. I’ve also made some technique tags, where I’ve used different techniques on a small piece of card stock, added to a tag then wrote how I made each one on the back. I did a colour blends page where I took small pieces of card stock then added distress ink colours that I like to use together, I did various colour blends then popped the pieces into one of the pockets I created. Another page I added some print outs of some crafty things I’ve seen and want to try for myself.

    There really is no end to what you can do with this book, but it is a brilliant reference to come back to time and time again when I feel that I need that little bit of inspiration or guidance.

    Why not try and make your own one, don’t forget to share them so we can see what you’ve come up with.