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How to Make an Origami Four Leaf Clover

How to Make an Origami Four Leaf Clover

A four leaf clover is a popular symbol of luck, however this little clover is often mistaken for the Shamrock that represents St. Patrick’s Day. Spread a little bit of the ‘Luck o’ the Irish’ throughout your home with a folded four leaf clover, or give your origami to a friend to get them in the spirit!

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METHOD: Luck o’ the Irish Origami Clover

  1. Fold your sheet of origami paper in half one way, then unfold it and fold in half again the other way. When you unfold it again, you should have two creases forming a cross across the sheet.
  2. Fold the top part over to the centre crease and press. Flip the paper over and fold the top right hand corner alongside the centre line. Repeat this with the left corner, and then you should have a point at the top.
  3. Flip over to the other side and fold the top point down to the centre of the bottom line. Flip over the paper again. Starting from the top left corner, pry the corner open with a Pen or Pencil and press flat so that you have a small triangle. Repeat with the right hand corner.
  4. Fold the right side in-line with the centre crease, and then fold the left side over to meet the right. Now you want to fold the very top corners diagonally so that you have a triangular point facing downwards.
  5. Fold both of these top points in half and line them up with the base of the triangles. Flip over and you’ll have a heart shape.
  6. Repeat steps 1 to 5 above to make three more leaves or (heart shapes). Tuck one clover into the other to secure. Repeat with two more and you should now have a whole four leaf clover!
  7. Fold a 2 inch wide strip of green paper lengthways a few times, and then stick to the back of the clover to create a little stalk.
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