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Lonely Tree
Jenny Cleary

Jenny Cleary


  • Food: I am a massive foodie and can never just pick one favourite! I love seafood, roast dinners, banoffee pie... I don't think there's much I won't eat!
  • Drink: I love a Strawberry Daiquiri or a cheeky Irish Whiskey. I drink lots of tea too.
  • Film: I can never answer this question. Either Star Wars, The Goonies, or Beaches.
  • Music/Band: I was raised on The Kinks but I love most music. My kids make me listen to things I'm too old for and I secretly know all the words to Drake songs. I love Jake Bugg. My car blasts anything from Dolly Parton to The Pogues!!!
  • Colour: Green. No brainer.
  • Season: Summer.
  • Word: Family.
  • Book: I want to say something clever like Spartacus by Howard fast, but tucked inside my Howard Fast is Jilly Cooper's 'Riders'. One day I will find Rupert Campbell-Black and marry him.
  • Place: I have been lucky and travelled all over. My favourite place in the world to be is at home with my kids.
  • Smell: The smell of cinnamon buns that bake in the malls in America... mmmmm.
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About Jenny Cleary

I've been working in shopping TV for 16 years, all over the world. I've worked in the USA, Canada, Australia, Hong Kong and Japan, to name a few. I used to own a beauty salon in Cheltenham, but realised my love was in TV so I decided to pack up the beauty business and present full time. I have been GiA certified, which means I have lots of knowledge on gemstones; this lead me to start making jewellery on a shopping channel in the UL. I absolutely love to make jewellery, but after six years I decided it would be lovely to try my hand at other crafts. This is where Create and Craft comes in. Luckily I've made lots of lovely friends in the land of TV shopping, so I got in contact with some of the lovelies at Create and Craft - and here I am! I hope to show you on Create and Craft how much I really love my job and how lucky I am to craft with you.

I live at home in Hertfordshire with my children, Mia and Maximus. We love animals and have horses and a cat called Purdy who is a massive attention seeker. I'm a home bunny and love to be in the kitchen, cooking for lots of friends and family. I'm a proud aunty to my nephews, Frankie and Woody, and my beautiful niece Shannon; I wish we all lived in a big house together. In my head, that looks like Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs, with me singing and covered in wildlife whilst cooking and cleaning. In reality, we would look more like the Osbournes!


What did you do before Create and Craft?

I worked on another shopping channel called Jewellery Maker. I also worked on TvSn Australia, HSN and Ideal World.

Most embarrassing on-screen moment?

This was actually with the lovely Loen Love on Ideal World many years ago, when I referred to my bikini line on air but used a non-traditional description for this area. I've never lived it down.

Tell us a secret

Nope! Then it wouldn't be a secret. Actually, in truth I dont have any because I blurt everything out - whether you want to hear it or not!

What's your idea of the perfect Sunday (when you're not working)?

Watching my daughter, Mia, ride her horse and then off to watch my son, Maximus, play football. Then we all come home for a roast lamb and a glass of red, joined by friends and family - but especially my neice and nephews.

Which person do you most admire and why?

I really admire JK Rowling for being a single mother living on the breadline, never giving up on her dreams and believing in her ability to create one of the most fantastic stories of all time. She went from having nothing to being one of the most successful women ever.

What is the trait you most deplore in yourself and others?

I don't like that I can be impatient. I'm trying to coach myself to just let things happen. Good things should not be rushed. I cannot stand bad manners. It's the thing I'm most strict on my children about. You should always show people your respect by being polite. I don't like feeling that another person regards themselves as more important than any other person. We are all equal.

Aside from property, what's the most expensive thing you've bought?


What is your guiltiest pleasure?

Cotton wool. So weird, I know. I put a bit in my pocket sometimes and if I can't sleep, I hold it in my hand. I so want my guilty pleasure to be something good like chocolate or muscly men. It's not. It's cotton wool. Lame.

How would you like to be remembered?

For being a good parent and a kind person. Nothing else matters does it, really?

What is the most important lesson life has taught you?

Things can go dreadfully wrong sometimes. If you're breathing, walking and can see, you're still better off than so many. So pick yourself up and get on with it.

Favourite Create and Craft product?

I'm undecided on that one as I've not seen it all yet. I obviously need a die-cutter though, don't I?

Which phrase do you overuse?

To my children: "why do I have to ask 6 million times before anyone listens?" According to my children, 'six million' is two, and I'm the world's biggest exaggerator.

If you could travel back in time, which period would you visit?

'd go back to 1986. This was a happy time for me because I spent so much time with my lovely Gran and all my cousins in the countryside in Cheltenham, where I grew up. If you want me to visit a time not of my own, I would go back to 1960 and hang out with my Mum when she was a hippy.

Share your best crafty tip:

Experiment. Try new mediums. It's the best way to keep things fresh in your designs; sometimes trying the thing you least fancy can actually turn out to be creatively the best thing ever for you.