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7 Crafts to Keep the Kids Entertained

If you’ve got little ones at home during this time, you may be finding it tricky to keep them stimulated and entertained. No doubt they’re missing the usual activities they do at school, and also socialising with their friends. It’s always a good idea to whip up some craft projects that encourage imaginative play and help get the screens turned off! You can make these crafts yourself the night before and surprise your kids with them in the morning, but for even more fun, why not get the little ones involved in the crafting process?

7 Crafts to Keep the Kids Entertained

1. Bubble wand

If you’re looking for an excuse to get your kids into the garden, this bubble wand is the perfect make for you. The children will be so excited to get outside and fill the garden with huge bubbles, especially if they’ve decorated the wand themselves! All you need is some wire and a selection of wooden beads – check out this simple step-by-step tutorial here for some handy tips and safety advice.

2. Garden pinwheel

A pinwheel is a classic British summertime project that the whole family can enjoy! Plus, the best part is, they use materials that you’re sure to have lying around in the craft cupboard already. Simply get your kids to follow this tutorial and whip up as many pinwheels as you like – why not create a whole rainbow?

3. Toy rocket

This fantastic stitched rocket is a great toy for inspiring imaginative play. While younger kids can’t get involved in the making of this toy, they will definitely enjoy playing with it! Simply follow Kelly Jordan’s fab tutorial here and you’ll be sure to put a smile on your little one’s face.

4. New outfits

Let your kids have a rummage through your fabric stash and pick out their favourite print, then treat them to a brand new outfit! This project is a great way to keep you entertained in the evenings when your kids have gone to bed. Then, once the outfit is finished, they can enjoy putting on a fabulous fashion show! For a pretty summer dress idea, try this simple pinafore by Debbie Shore.

5. Hooded towel

Staying home means that many of us are embracing the cosy lifestyle, and this hooded towel is the perfect accessory for kids who want to chill out! After a fun bath filled with toys, they can jump into a hilarious hooded towel handcrafted by you. This tutorial by Becky Cole shows you how to make a monster design, but it’s so easy to create whatever character you’d like!

6. Monster pouch

Colouring is a great way to keep kids entertained on rainy afternoons, but it can be easy to lose track of all those pens and pencils! Kids will love their own personal pencil case, especially if it features a silly monster face, like this one by Lizzie Barnes. The kids can even get involved with the crafting of this project. Lizzie says: “This case can be made with minimal to no sewing if you wish, by replacing the sewing steps with hot glue. Just bear in mind that the hot glue will be less sturdy than using stitches.”

7. Paper crown

Dressing up is such a fun activity for children, and we know from experience that it is sure to make lasting memories! With something as simple as a paper crown, you could become someone completely different and enter a whole new world! Imaginative play is really important right now, especially if your kids are aware of what’s going on and need a little escape. Why not play kings and queens with this majestic paper crown?