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Welcome to our Knitting Craft Academy hub – an assemblage of crafting knowledge and expertise. Here, you’ll find an abundance of New To You and Craft Academy video tutorials covering a range of knitting supplies and techniques. Suiting beginner and intermediate crafters alike, our aim is to educate, advise and inspire, allowing you to further your knitting skills or try something entirely new!

New To You

Our Knitting New To You videos cater for those looking to try a new craft or technique. Featuring a range of video tutorials to teach you the basics, you’ll find a wealth of information extensively covering all you need to know to start out in knitting. Our ever-popular knitting experts supply you with step-by-step knooking and stitching tutorials, as well as providing beginner’s introductions to a range of knitting products and techniques. There’s truly no better way to have a go at something that’s New To You!

Academy Videos

Our Knitting Craft Academy videos are all about togetherness, inspiration and creativity, catering for those looking to further their knitting skills. Featuring a whole host of video tutorials, you’ll find a wealth of information extensively covering all you need to know to advance in your favourite craft. Our ever-popular knitting experts and presenters aim to take your knitting to another level with detailed how-to projects, introductions to first-rate knitting supplies and technique walkthroughs. There’s truly no better way to increase your crafting repertoire!

Crafty Guides

Our Sewing Crafty Guides cater for those looking to try a new craft or extend their existing skills, featuring a wealth of information extensively covering all you need to know. Across our Buying Guides, we aim to make purchasing sewing supplies that little bit easier, providing detailed information, sewing machine comparisons and buying tips. We take you step-by-step through the basics of reading sewing patterns and highlight which fabrics you should use in your projects, ensuring you always produce professional-looking results!

  • Sewing Machine Buying Guide

    Whether you're new to sewing or a seasoned stitcher, investing in a Sewing Machine is a momentous occasion! But what is a sewing machine, and how does it work? The basic ideology behind a sewing machine is stitching two or more pieces of fabric together using...

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    Fabric Buying Guide

    Deciding upon a fabric is probably one of the hardest, yet most exciting decisions you'll have to make when beginning a new sewing project. The two biggest questions you need to ask yourself are 'what material should I use?' and 'how much fabric do I realistically need?' – choosing...

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    Sewing Patterns Buying Guide

    When creating your own clothing, accessories or home décor items, Sewing Patterns most definitely make the task a whole lot easier. Not only are you supplied with pattern pieces, a pattern layout and instructions, but you also receive an incredible amount of useful...

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Free Downloads

Looking for some knitting inspiration? Whether you want to add a personal touch to your home, make a gift for someone special or create items just for you, we have a selection of free projects and downloads to get you started! Download one today and create a knitted heirloom of tomorrow…