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Exclusive Project

Knotted necklace and bracelet set by Angela Finch

A great way to use up all those random beads in your stash. Learn how to knot to produce boho style jewellery. In this tutorial you will learn how to make a simple bracelet with an adjustable macramé fastening. For those a bit more adventurous, try the knotted necklace with the lariat style fastening. Perfect for wearing in the summer weather.

You will need:

  • Large Beadsmith Macrame Board
  • T pins or other pins
  • Xuron Thread and Cord Scissors (or any sharp scissors)
  • GS Hypo Cement Glue
  • 1mm cord pink and blue - 110 inches (279 cm) of each colour
  • Variety of glass beads that have a 1mm hole

Time to Make: 20 minutes for bracelet without gluing time, 45 minutes for necklace without gluing time

Skill Level: Beginner to intermediate


    The Bracelet
  1. Cut a 28 inch (71 cm) length of pink waxed cord, and blue waxed cord. Attach them to the macramé board, make sure both ends match.

    About 3 inches down create a normal knot using both the cords together.
  2. Move the knot up to the top of the macramé board. Decide what order of beads that you want to use.

    Place a bead on the pink waxed cord.

    NB, sometimes the waxed cord frays and won’t fit in the beads, either trim it or use nail varnish on the ends.
  3. Place your pin 1 inch down. Make a knot with both the cords, pulling it up to the pin.

    This helps to keep the distance between the knots.
  4. Add a bead to the blue cord. Place the pin 1 inch below the previous knot.

    Make a knot under the pin.
  5. Knotting in place can be difficult. An easy solution is to tie the knot around the pin.

    Then remove the pin and tighten up the knot.
  6. Continue adding beads and knotting in this way until you have 6 beads added.
  7. Cut the ends so that they are equal to each other. Now use the corner of the macramé board to attach the bracelet.

    The beads go underneath it, and the ends will cross over each other.
  8. Cut a 10 inch (26 cm) of blue waxed cord. Using this cord you will do a square knot around all 4 cords. Find the middle of the blue waxed cord and place it under the 4 cords.

    Place the left hand side of blue cord over the 4 base cords. It should form a C shape. Use the right part of the blue cord over the cord that has just been passed under the 4 base cords.

    Now use the right hand cord and pass it under the 4 base cords. Bring the right hand cord under the base of the C shape.

    This is the first half of the square knot. Think ‘over, over, under’.
  9. Pull the blue cord tight by both ends. If needed, use your finger to keep the cord in the middle.

    Now we do the opposite to finish off the square knot. Use the right hand cord and place it under the 4 base cords. This should create a ‘D’ shape. Place the left hand cord over the right hand cord.

    The left hand cord now goes under the 4 base cords. Bring the left hand cord under the base of the D shape.
  10. Pull the cord tight by both ends.

    Repeat doing the square knot until the cord runs out.
  11. Use GS Hypo Cement Glue near the bumps of the knot. Do this on all the last knot and on both sides.

    This will keep the knot in place. Then wait 24 hours as this glue takes a while to set properly.
  12. Use the Xuron Thread and Cord Scissors (or sharp scissors) to cut the ends off the knotted section.

    Try to get as close to the knot as possible. Please be careful only to cut these ends.
  13. Knot the 2 cord ends of the bracelet together using a normal knot.

    Add glue to the knot and wait. Cut off any excess cord. The bracelet is now finished.
  14. The Necklace

    Cut 60 inches (153 cm) in both the pink and the blue cord. Attach them to the macramé board, leaving about 4 inches before attaching them.

    Create a knot with both cords, like how you made the bracelet, add a bead to the pink cord.

    This time there is a 1 and a half inch gap between each knot.
  15. The knotted section for the necklace is 28 inches (71 cm) long. This is longer than the macramé board.

    When you run out of board just attach the last knot to the top of the board and carry on.
  16. Once you have knotted the length, note that one ends of one end is longer than the other.
  17. On the longer ends knot 3 more knots, an inch apart.

    This will make up part of the lariat style fastening.
  18. Make a loop with the knotted section. Tie a double knot at the bottom.

    This will move up and down the loop easily. At this point try the necklace on, and decide how big a loop the beads need. The weight and size of the beads dictate how large the loop needs to be.

    In this necklace the loop needed to be smaller, so the knot was moved up to the next knot.
  19. Glue the knot in place with the GS Hypo Cement Glue and wait 24 hours.
  20. There will be some cord left over from this knot.

    Add a bead to each cord, knot underneath it. Glue the knots with the GS Hypo Cement Glue and wait 24 hours.

    I tend to do all my gluing at the same time.
  21. Now for the other end of the necklace.

    Add a bead to each cord and knot underneath, spread out the knots how you would like them to be.

    Add another bead to one of the cords, knot underneath and glue that knot.

    On the other cord add 2 beads and knot after each one. Add glue to the last knot.

    It is important to wait the 24 hours, otherwise the glue will not set.
  22. After the glue has dried, cut off any excess cord ends. The necklace is now finished. Image 22

    Using this technique any length of bracelet or necklace can be made. Think x 4 for the correct cord length.