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Exclusive Project

Large Sofa Throw

Large Sofa Throw

If you have an old sofa which needs a makeover or you want to make a quilt for your bed this is the perfect project. A traditional block design, Uneven Nine Patch with two of the alternate squares in the background fabric and then set ‘on point’, a great example of how simple patterns can look very different just by turning the angle. “I wanted a really modern look so chose different shades and patterns in greys and used white for the background. I kept the quilting clean and simple to enhance the modern feel by ‘stitching in the ditch’” Bernadette Wainwright

You will need:

  • 119” x 44” (3Mtrs x 112cms) wide Background fabric (white)
  • 16” x 44” (40cms x 112cms) wide each of 6 design fabrics (shades of grey)
  • 20” x 44” (50cms x 112cms) wide of binding fabric
  • 69” x 69” (175cms x 175cms) of backing fabric – I used sheeting
  • 69” x 90” (175cms x 230cms) of white wadding
  • Accuquilt & 9” Block (Optional) Blocks 1, 2, & 8
  • Cutting Mat & Rotary Cutter
  • Basic Quilting Materials

Time to Make: 1 hour

Skill Level: Beginner


Before you start any project, gather all your supplies and have a quick read through the instructions just to familiarise yourself with the terminology. Always iron your fabrics to remove any creasing - you will be amazed at the difference it can make. All seams are ¼”
  1. Large Sofa Throw Using the Accuquilt and all of your design fabrics cut:
    7, 5” squares (1) (4½” finished) from EACH of the design fabrics, 42 in total. You will have 1 spare.
    14, 2¾” squares (2) (2¼” finished) from EACH of the design fabrics, 84 in total. Again, you will have spares.
    82, 2¾” squares (2) (2¼” finished) from the white background fabric.
    164, 2¾” x 5” (8) (2¼” x 4½” finished) rectangles from the white background fabric.
    If you do not have and Accuquilt, cut all the above using a cutting mat and rotary cutter.
  2. Large Sofa Throw For the setting triangles using the mat and rotary cutter, cut 4 x 14” Squares. Cut these into ¼ square triangles. Setting triangles form the outside of the quilt and need to have the straight of grain on the outside edge to prevent the quilt from stretching. To ensure this, these triangles are formed from quarter-square triangles, i.e. a square cut into four.
  3. For the corner triangles cut 2 x 7 ¼” squares. Cut these into half-square triangles. Again, these need to have the outside edge on the straight of the grain.
  4. Large Sofa Throw Chain piece the large squares and two white rectangles. Chain piece the remaining rectangles and one small design square and one small white background square.
  5. Large Sofa Throw Position the large square in the middle with one rectangular block above and one below, making sure the smaller design squares are at opposite corners. Sew together as in the picture to form the block.
  6. Large Sofa Throw To set the blocks on point, position your blocks in your desired design pattern referring to the picture below.
  7. Large Sofa Throw When you are happy with the layout, sew a setting triangle to each side of the first block to create row 1. The setting triangles have been cut slightly larger to make the blocks ‘float’. When sewing the setting triangles make sure the bottom of the triangle is aligned with the block. Press the seam inwards towards the block.
  8. Continue to sew the blocks together to form rows with setting triangles at each end. Always press towards alternate blocks to ensure your seams are going to ‘butt’ together.
  9. Sew the rows together and sew the corner triangles on last.
  10. Large Sofa Throw Your quilt top is now complete. Make your quilt sandwich, I used quilters pins rather than spray to secure whilst sewing but this is personal preference. To quilt I used the ‘stitching in the ditch’ method as I wanted a very clean finished look.
  11. Make sure you quilt is square trimming the excess backing and wadding so that the edges are even with the top of the quilt, measure the outer edge and cut the binding fabric. I like to use a 2½” double-fold French binding cut on the straight of the grain. Cut 7 strips.
  12. Large Sofa Throw Join the binding strips in a continuous length, with wrong sides together press the binding in half lengthways. Fold and press under ¼” to neaten the edge where you will start sewing. If you are making a label, now is the time to position it so it is caught in when attaching the binding. On the right side, attach the binding to the quilt, leaving the first 1” unsewn, when you have worked all the way round trim the binding and position inside the beginning piece. Fold the binding over to the back of the quilt and hand sew in place. You can machine at this point but this is personal preference.
  13. Large Sofa Throw Your throw / quilt is now finished