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Welcome to the Create and Craft Club

Welcome to the Create and Craft Club

Learn Embroidery Stitches with these 5 Hand-Embroidered Projects

When it comes to soothing crafts to unwind with at the end of the day, embroidery is a go-to – the repetitive motions lull you into an easy sense of calm, and since the work doesn’t require much thought, you can watch TV or listen to a podcast as you go! There are a number of different stitches for beginners to get to grips with, which can be a little intimidating at first, but these brilliant projects and guides will teach you all you need to know to get started on your embroidery journey.

Learn Embroidery Stitches with these 5 Hand-Embroidered Projects

1. Simple Designs

The split stitch is an easy-to-learn technique that involves working the needle through the previous stitch to create a neat line, perfect for outlines and writing. With it, you can create simple yet sharp-looking artworks, like this cactus piece from Charlotte Newland (see what we did there?).

As well as the versatile stitch, Charlotte’s guide will also help you master the French knot, which is used everywhere that you need a dot, and how to plan out your custom design using a water-erasable pen. Just make sure that you have plenty of vibrantly coloured thread for your work by picking up an embroidery-exclusive set like Korbond Embroidery Floss (238402).

2. Motivational Quote

While split stitch can be used to fill in an outlined design, a much better method is to use satin stitch. The technique keeps stitches close together and parallel, with no gaps showing, in order to create a solid area of colour. It’s excellent for creating a brush lettering look, like in our beautiful Bloom Where You Are Planted project. Give the guide a go with your own choice of a motivational quote!

You can then surround the gorgeous lettering with all sorts of decorations, such as lazy-daisy stitched flowers, or even add some pretty appliqué elements, like the flowers, stars and butterflies from Silvar Design Embroidery Appliques Multibuy (568117).

3. Flowers and Foliage

As well as split stitch and satin stitch, there are an assortment of commonly- and rarely-used stitches out there, all adding various textures and interesting looks to your works of art. In her embroidered leaves project, Kelly Anne Jordan introduces the fly stitch chain, fishbone stitch, detached single chain, chain stitch leaf and brick stitch. Through her demonstration, you’ll see how each can make a simple leaf design look completely different.

Have a go yourself, using these fantastic techniques, to create gorgeous displays of flora! You could even take it one step further and pick up the book A-Z of Embroidery Stitches 2 by Country Bumpkin (435357), as it features 145 new embroidery stitches to add to your repertoire. No two pieces will look alike with all of these fab techniques.

4. Embellished Embroidery

You can also get creative adding mixed media elements to your embroidery hoops, such as sequins, beads and scraps of gorgeous fabric. In this sparkly Love project, Penelope Quinn demonstrates how to stitch a work using a simple running stitch, sequin thread and complementary embroidery thread – it’s a lot easier than it initially seems.

Then, once the main design is done, why not combine two crafts and create fake leaves, flowers or foliage to decorate the edges of your embroidery? The Arts N Flowers Small Geranium Die Set (499059) is perfect for making small flowers to complement the central feature.

5. Christmas Scenes

The homely aesthetic of hoop art pieces are also great for Christmas decorations (after all, December is just over four months away!). Have a go at simple festive scenes, like the snowy bare trees of Kelly-Anne Jordan’s seasonal project, or get creative with an embroidery and appliqué kit like the Corinne Lapierre Folk Deer Hoop (495344).

The finished works are sure to brighten up your walls and make excellent gifts, especially if they’re personalised for the recipient. Why not practice your writing and stitch a loving personal message on the hoop? If you’re not confident in your skills, you can easily print out the message and trace it with a water-erasable pen, for fantastic results.