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Exclusive Project

Leave a Sparkle light up box frame

Screen Sensation allows you to produce stunning screen printing creations from the comfort of your own home. This project walks you through how to create a beautiful home decor light up frame.

You will need:

  • Screen Sensation 12 x 12 Kit
  • Black Screen Sensation Single Ink Pot
  • Screen Sensation Fixing Tape - 20 Metre Roll
  • Screen - Leave A Little Sparkle Wherever You Go
  • Silver Glitter paper
  • Box frame
  • LED String Fairy Lights 20 LED
  • Stix 2 Glue Gun with 12 Refills
  • Fiskars Hand Punch - 3mm Circle

Time to Make: 1 Hour

Skill Level: Advanced Crafter


  1. Embroidered T-Shirt Use your Screen SensationTM Tape to secure the top edge of the Mesh design to your Frame. (You will need to have your screen reading back to front)

    Secure the remaining edges ensuring that the mesh is flat and as tight as you can make it. After securing the mesh insert the screen into the lid of the unit.
  2. Embroidered T-Shirt Secure your glass to the grid base of the Screen SensationTM using your tape, ensuring the glass is central to your screen.
  3. Embroidered T-Shirt Use your Palette Knife to transfer your ink to the top of the screen mesh. Try to create an even line across the top.
  4. Embroidered T-Shirt Use your Screen SensationTM Squeegee to draw the ink down from the top across the mesh design evenly.
  5. Embroidered T-Shirt Raise the hinged lid of the Screen SensationTM to reveal your printed design.

    Leave too one side to dry.
  6. Embroidered T-Shirt I am using a 25cm X 25cm shadow box frame and my glitter paper is cut to 25cm X 25cm. Cut the glitter paper down to fit the size of the box frame you are using.
  7. Embroidered T-Shirt Punch a hole in the frame back using the Fiskars Hand Punch, you will need to do the same to the glitter paper.

    To ensure the holes line up, place the glitter paper on a flat surface.

    Then place the frame back directly on top of the glitter paper.

    Use a pencil to make a mark through the hole you have just cut.

    Use the Fiskars Hand Punch to cut a hole where you made the pencil mark on the glitter paper. Both holes should now line up. Now glue the glitter paper to the frame back.
  8. Embroidered T-Shirt The frame I am using has an inner frame which I am attaching my LED lights to.

    Thread your LED lights though the hole in the frame back and place the inner frame over the back of the frame glitter side up.

    Use a glue gun to secure your LED lights in place. Work around the whole of the inner frame glueing the lights in place.
  9. Embroidered T-Shirt Put the glass back into the frame with the printed side on the inside (now when you look at the frame it should read the right way, and because the printed side is on the inside you will not wipe off the design when cleaning)

    Place the inner frame and frame back into the frame, then secure.
  10. Embroidered T-Shirt Secure the battery pack to the back of your frame.

    Now time to turn it on and see the Sparkle!!!