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Star Interview: Lesley Oman @ Heffy Doodle

Q1. How long have you been crafting for?

I have been crafting for over 15 years. Well, that was when I fully got immersed into the crafting industry! Even as a kid, I loved to draw and make things – my favourite program was Art Attack and I would frequently make my own creations after watching that show.

Q2. What was the first thing you ever made?

The first thing I made was a scrapbook of my year abroad in France. My mother-in-law bought me the scrapbook as a gift and I found a local craft shop so I could buy the basics, like glue and scissors. It was like stepping into a world made just for me! Before long, I got a job there and spent all my salary on crafty supplies. I still have my first ever scrapbook. It’s pretty basic, but I like to look at it from time to time and see how my style has changed and my design skills have developed.

Q3. How did your crafting become your career?

It didn’t happen overnight, for sure. I have been crafting as a hobby for many years and I’ve had my own blog and YouTube channel for about ten years. This helped me grow my audience, get exposure, and also get involved with design work for magazines and several design teams. I always dreamt that one day I would have my own line of stamps, but frequently life gets in the way – especially with a full time job, being a mum, and running a blog.

I’m lucky to have a fantastic husband who not only is super supportive, but is always there to give me a push when it’s needed. He was the one who suggested that we have a Kickstarter campaign to launch a range of stamps, and he helped get the wheels in motion for that. I was working on it in my spare time for many months. When we had such an immense response from our launch, I decided that it was time to take the leap of faith and focus on Heffy Doodle fulltime.

Q4. What did you do before this?

I worked for an International Services Office company for over nine years. I did many roles within that company – General Manager, Sales Manager, Coaching Manager, and my last role was as a Global Business Change Analyst. It’s a very fast paced industry and the work was often very intense, so at the end of the day I would release all of the tension of the day by getting crafty!

Q5. Interesting fact about yourself or your crafts?

I speak French. I studied French at university and it was documenting my year abroad that helped me find my way back crafting as an adult. I don’t use the language as much as I would like, but I do have some online crafty friends that speak French so it’s always fun to have a chat with them from time to time.

Q6. Tips to make crafting projects shine?

Don’t skimp on the glue. I remember finding a card that I had made several years before and just as I opened it, it completely fell apart. Each card you make is a little piece of art and it may well be kept as a keepsake – so now I am no longer shy when it comes to using adhesive on my projects. A sturdy project will also appear more professional and well made.