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Exclusive Project

How to make a Stamped, Inked & Masked Rose Card with Ann-marie Vaux

In this project, Ann-marie shows you how to create a gorgeous stamped card that uses masking to transform a stamped image into an all-in-one design. Clever use of colour makes the stamped roses stand out and a touch of metallic ink gives the card a shimmer.

You will need:

  • Ces't la Vie Rubber Stamps – Butterfly & Rose
  • 7 x 7 inch blank white card base
  • General extra white cardstock – for the card stamped front
  • General extra black cardstock – for the card base layer
  • Black permanent ink
  • Selection of 3 coloured inks to blend – I used yellow, orange & red
  • Metallic ink pad – I used a rose colour
  • Blending tools
  • Water colour brush
  • Stencil of choice with small pattern
  • Stencil masking fluid
  • Masking tape & scrap paper
  • Black stick on gems
  • Black satin ribbon
  • Scissors or trimmer
  • Tape runners

Time to Make: Approx 30mins to 1hr

Skill Level: Beginner to Intermediate


  1. Cut the back cardstock to create a base layer on the front of your blank card base.
  2. Cut a piece of white cardstock to fit as a layer on top of the black layer on the card. Then using permanent blank ink, stamp the image on to the card layer, slightly left of the middle.
  3. Cut a piece of scrap paper, ensuring you have 2 straight edges on the paper
  4. Using craft masking tape, attach the stamped image card on to your craft mat (or whatever protection you use for inking) Attaching the corners is best, as these areas are not going to be inked.
  5. Use the craft masking tape to mask the scrap paper across the card centre, leaving a gap – the stamped image should be half masked, leaving the centre uncovered.
  6. Then use the masking fluid over the stamped image that is visible between the paper masks, use a small amount of fluid – less is best. Let the fluid dry.
  7. Once the masking fluid is dry, start inking & blending around the edges, Use the paler colour first – I used a yellow ink
  8. Add the next colour of ink to build up the ink, I used an orange ink
  9. Then ink & blend all the rest of the area – I used a red ink for this stage
  10. Layer the stencil mask over the image, you can use craft masking tape to hold it in place.
  11. Start inking the stencil, use circular or stippling motions to push the ink through the holes, keep going to build the colour up. Use an ink that tones in with the ones you have used, I used a rose metallic ink.
  12. Now we can start removing everything, starting with removing the stencil
  13. Next remove the scrap paper from the card front
  14. Peel away the masking fluid (carefully) from the top of the stamped image
  15. Add any detail to the image that you want to add, I used a watercolour brush to add a touch of yellow to the roses and underneath as a light shadow form.
  16. Using the black permanent ink, stamp the words Hope & Faith from the stamp set, on the top of the inked edge
  17. Add black gems to the top and the bottom of the stamped image layer and between the stamped words
  18. Attach the stamped card layer on to the top of the black layer on the card base
  19. Finish the card by adding a black satin bow just below the roses and the shaded area – this enhances the bow edges
  20. The finished card
  21. TIP:When inking & blending, blot your blending tool on scrap paper first to ensure it is not to wet from the ink if using a new ink pad