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Exclusive Project

How To Make A Memory Terrarium with Charlie Mumford

Now that the summer holidays are over, you’re bound to have loads of ticket stubs or other memorabilia from your adventures in the sunshine. What simpler way to keep those memories fresh in your mind and on show than them in a stylish Terrarium! In this project I am using ticket stubs as the focal point.

You will need:

  • Glass Terrarium
  • White card
  • Gold Leaf gilding flakes, adhesive and sealant - I used the Mona Lisa Metal Leaf Starter Kit, but you could use any type or even gilding flakes.
  • Masking Tape
  • Pencil
  • Craft knife
  • Self healing mat
  • Word template
  • Printer
  • A couple of soft brushes and a soft sponge (optional)

Skill Level: Beginners


  1. Print out the template and using your mat and craft mat, cut out the letters so you have a stencil. If you can print on card I would recommend doing this. If not, print it on copier paper, cut out the letters, then trace onto card and cut out again. Card is stronger and the adhesive won’t leak through it like paper will.
  2. Get your Terrarium and decide where you’d like the wording. The template is approximately 1 inch high by 5.5 inches across so fits neatly across my Terrarium. You can of course tweak the size of the template to suit your own Terrarium. Now cut the stencil sides down a bit and attach to your Terrarium with masking tape. Using only a small amount of adhesive, dab it through the stencil to the glass. Give it a minute or so to go tacky.
  3. Now place the gold leaf on top of the stencil and adhesive. I used a soft sponge to help me place the gold leaf and make sure it attached to the adhesive, but you can use a soft, dry brush. It doesn’t have to be neat; I like it to look a bit shabby chic!
  4. Using your soft, dry brush gently brush away any large bits. Remove the stencil carefully and push the gold leaf down through the stencil as you remove it so that you don’t rip large pieces off whilst taking off the stencil
  5. Now apply the sealant over the top in gentle downward brush strokes and allow to dry. Once dry you can pop your ticket stubs and memories inside!