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Meet Our Contributors

Mich Turner

    Ambassador Profile:

    Mich Turner

    "Mich is the Bentley of Cake Makers" - Gordon Ramsay
    "Mich is the Master of Cake Perfection - Learn from the best!" - Kirstie Allsopp

Tell us a little bit about you and your crafting background.

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My school had to order extra books in for me. I even stayed in over some break times if I was on a roll! Then I discovered food and loved Home Economics. I entered and won my first cookery competition when I was at school

Crafting Q&A:

  1. What made you want to start crafting?

    I have always enjoyed crafting…. Since watching Swap Shop, Vision On, Blue Peter and Why Don't You…? These were formative programs when I was young. There were no computers, no YouTube, no internet so I would watch these programs then get crafting which usually meant baking or making cards

  2. How did you learn?

    I would watch the shows – Delia Smith was my hero on Saturday Swap Shop. They were so good at talking through the step by steps to achieve the finished product. They made it look achievable and inspired me.

  3. What advice would you give to those starting out in craft?

    It's so much fun, self achievement and builds self confidence. Try a class first to see if you enjoy the craft as much as you hoped and slowly add to your repertoire. You might not like everything or be good at everything but you will find your niche.

  4. What are the crafting essentials that you couldn’t bear to live without?

    Naturally for cake making it is the essential kit – a good tin, palette knife, rolling pin, smoothers, piping bags and nozzles. But... Few people know I have also completed a LOCN in Patchwork and Quilting – similar to a City and Guilds and have a sewing machine, needles and thread for my quilting projects.

  5. How would you describe your crafting styles and tastes?

    Mathematical, precise, stylish

  6. What does your craft room look like? (Any tips for tidy storage?)

    Super clean – a place for everything and everything in its place! No matter how much equipment I use, how long it takes or what time I finish – always clean up and pack away thoroughly at the end of every session.

  7. Where do you find your crafting inspiration?

    Literally everywhere. There is a sensory overload in every direction. TV, instagram, social media, online, magazines, books, shops, nature, history… or even in my own mind when I am out running.

  8. If you could go to dinner with a crafter or artist, who would it be and why?

    Interesting. I had the pleasure of meeting Grayson Perry at a recent exhibition. I think he would be fascinating company for dinner as he is talented, unique and has experience across so many crafts.

  9. What would you say your best craft skills are? What would you like to improve on?

    Intricate hand craftsmanship…. Whether hand piping or hand stitching. I'd like to be a little more expressive and less scientific!

  10. What do you consider your greatest craft-related achievement?

    Cake – delivering the Diamond wedding cake I created to Buckingham Palace for Her Majesty the Queen.

    Quilting – completing the quilt I hand stitched – it took me 12

Mich Turner

Getting to Know You:

  1. My favourite subject at school was: (subject and reason)

    Maths. I loved problem solving and getting the right answer. My school had to order extra books in for me. I even stayed in over some break times if I was on a roll! Then I discovered food and loved Home Economics. I entered and won my first cookery competition when I was at school and then went on to make my Home Economics teacher’s wedding cake when I was 17 studying for my A Levels.

  2. When I was 10, I wanted to grow up to be a: (childhood dream career)

    Forensic scienctist – I loved science, the precision and again problem solving.

  3. I am most proud of the moment that I:

    Received my MBE in 2010 and gave birth to my children (not in that order!)

  4. The best advice I’ve ever received was:

    “Do the right thing and the right things will happen!”

  5. I am at my happiest when:

    My house is all clean, I’ve been on a long run and I am watching the rugby with my husband, two boys and a glass of red!

  6. If I won the lottery, the first thing I’d buy is:

    A month’s holiday in the guaranteed sunshine with no wifi – is that really shallow???

  7. If the Queen came for dinner, I would cook: (what meal?)

    You mean rather than me taking cakes to Buckingham Palace?...... Wholesome and hearty - Fish pie with minted peas, mango and ginger cheesecake.

  8. If I was stuck in a lift, I’d like to be with: (any person, family, friend or celeb)


  9. The one food I could not live without is:


  10. If I had a time machine, I’d visit: (era)

    The 1950s. For the fashion and a simpler way of life!

  11. The chore I always try to avoid is:

    Cleaning the filters on the hoover.

  12. The last thing I do before bed is:

    Check the BBC News App and give my son a true love’s kiss.

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