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How to Make a Mini Easter Bunny Bag

How to Make a Mini Easter Bunny Bag

This adorable bunny bag is perfect for storing delicious Easter treats. Guaranteed to raise a few smiles, this do-it-yourself bag can be used as a lovely gift bag or as a pouch for kids’ Easter egg hunts. No matter its purpose, this easy-to-make bag is an egg-citing craft project for you to get stuck into this Easter.

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METHOD: Adorable Easter Bunny Treat Bag

  1. Cut out the A4 bunny head template.
  2. Secure the bunny template onto a piece of A4 tracing paper and draw around it. You need to draw two bunny heads.
  3. Cut out each bunny head from the tracing paper.
  4. Secure the tracing paper templates to the fat quarters with the sewing pins. Cut out each bunny head from the fabric.
  5. Put your fabric bunny heads together, ensuring you have one ear on the left and one ear on the right. Using the sewing pins, secure the two pieces of fabric together.
  6. Using an overcast stitch, sew the two pieces of fabric together, making sure you leave an opening at the top.
  7. Turn your bag inside out to conceal the stitching.
  8. Tie the bunny ears together to secure the bag. If you’re using your bag as a gift bag, you can tie a neat bow around the ears using ribbon.
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