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7 Gorgeous Mixed Media Decorations using Embroidery Hoops

These handy hoops aren’t just for embroidering floss – they can also be used in a range of lovely art pieces

7 Gorgeous Mixed Media Decorations using Embroidery Hoops

1 3D Ribbon Flowers

Embroidering with ribbon instead of embroidery floss gives an impressive three-dimensional appearance to hoop art, and looks especially stunning when embroidering satin flowers – they catch the light and the eye! Try it yourself – ribbon embroidery stitches are similar but different to regular embroidery, adding some interesting depth to the craft – or build up your beautiful bouquet with pre-made ones like those in Craft Buddy Small Satin Roses.

2 Dream Catcher

Known for protecting people from bad dreams, dreamcatchers come in all sorts of stylish shapes and sizes, and give off a fantastic boho-chic vibe. The intricate spirals may look intimidating to replicate, but they’re surprisingly easy. In fact, our very own contributor Bernadette Wainwright has put together a fab and easy-to-understand guide using an embroidery hoop, so why not give it a go yourself?

3 Photo Frame

Since embroidery hoops are designed to hold fabric taut and in place, they’re also fantastic at holding heartwarming photos of fun times. Plus, thanks to the fun shapes and sizes they come in, they can be made into interesting photo frames, then embellished with various bits and bobs from your crafty stash. For something extra sweet, try knitting a lacy edging around it, in the vibrant colours from Fantasia Acrylic Yarn.

4 Wreath

Embroidery hoops make great bases for wreaths, thanks to their sturdy structure, and allow you to get really creative with the foliage and flowers. You can use real trimmings from your garden, or opt instead for realistic or stylised faux ones using supplies like those in Craft Buddy Flower-Making Kit Forever Flowers, and build up your project bit by bit. The whole thing can be covered, for a seamless nature-inspired art piece, or you could instead only cover a third, for a rustic, boho aesthetic.

5 Decorative Napkin

Like with the photo frame, an embroidery hoop can be used to display pretty napkins and papers from your craft stash that you can’t bear to let go of. Simply secure the napkin within the hoop, then embellish it with complementary crafty supplies for a show-stopping art piece. It’s a fantastic opportunity to get creative with embellishments. Why not have a go at our very own floral napkin project?

6 Ribbon Chandelier

One fab way to upcycle an old embroidery hoop is to turn it into a gorgeous ribbon chandelier. To make one yourself, tie various vibrant ribbons to different points of the embroidery hoop, using vibrant colours such as those in our Satin Ribbon Assorted Collection; you can also add beaded strings or bells, for a wind chime element. Then hang it outside and watch it flutter beautifully in the wind.

7 Patchwork Design

Embroidery hoops are also a great way to display small patchwork pieces that you’ve sewn together. Scallops, argyle, chevron, quatrefoil, houndstooth – there are so many lovely patterns to choose from, you’ll be stuck for choice. We have a lovely patchwork hoop art guide; give it a go yourself, with patterned fabric such as the Tilda Plum Garden Calm Extras Fat Quarter Set, for a gorgeous geometric art piece.