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Exclusive Project

Mixed Media Christmas Wreath

Mixed Media Christmas Wreath

“It’s never too early to get crackin’ with Christmas crafts… whether it be a gift for a loved one or something to decorate your tree or home.”

You will need:

  • MDF Circle frame
  • Hot glue gun and glue sticks
  • Dies
  • Card stock
  • MDF Snowflakes (or die cuts)
  • Scissors
  • Ribbon
  • Nuvo drops (white blizzard)

Time to Make: Approx 1hour

Skill Level: Beginner


  1. Start by heating up your glue gun, then take your chosen ribbon and add a small blob of glue to the frame, attach the end of the ribbon then start wrapping it round your frame, I leave the ribbon on the reel to do this, that way you won’t have cut the ribbon too short. Keep wrapping the ribbon all-round the frame, making sure you overlap as you go to ensure you leave no gaps. Add another blog of glue every few wraps to keep the ribbon in place and stop it coming loose. When you have wrapped it all the way round, secure it in place with a blog of glue then cut the ribbon from the reel.

felt picture
  1. Take all the elements that you think you’ll want to add to the wreath, if die cutting elements, die cut out more than you think you’ll need, it’ll surprise you how much you actually use, any leftovers can be used to create a card or used on another project so there’s no waste really, but there’s nothing worse than not having enough cut in the first place, then when you go to cut more out only to realise that you’ve run out of that particular colour of card stock, so annoying!!

felt picture
  1. When you have collected all the elements you intend to use, start laying them out on the wreath, try a few different layouts until you are happy with how it’s looking, then glue them in place. I find that using hot glue for these types of projects the best as the glue sticks well to the mdf and the ribbon without the risk of tape or wet glue falling off.

felt picture
  1. I added a ‘flying’ Santa sleigh to the top of my wreath. To do this, I added some thread to the back of each end of the die cut, then glued the ends of the thread to the back of the wreath to create the illusion that he is ‘flying’ over the trees.

felt picture
  1. I also added a few MDF snowflake shapes which I had in my stash, I used the Creativ paint pens to colour them white, then when dry I glued these in place on my wreath. (the Creativ paint pens are my go to paint when painting small elements, they’re so quick and easy to use and don’t make much mess, plus there’s no paint brushes to clean up afterwards, simply pop the cap back on and you’re done it’s one of my craft must have’s) I then finished off my wreath by adding a double bow from white organza ribbon, and a few drops of Nuvo drops, white blizzard, round to fill in the spaces, and a hanging loop at the top, from the same ribbon I used to wrap the wreath.

felt picture