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Exclusive Project

How to make Modern Floral Shaker Card

How to make Modern Floral Shaker Card

“One card I love to make are Shaker Cards, they always stand out, they give an illusion of magic. This Shaker card is no exception, the sparkle from the sequins and the colours from the stamped flowers all mix so well together on a clean white background giving a modern look to your crafting.” - Ann-marie Vaux

You will need:

  • 7x7inch Square white blank card base
  • White Cardstock
  • Project clear plain Acetate
  • Silver Cardstock
  • Circle Nesting Die set (largest circle die used in this project is 5inches)
  • Silver Sequins
  • Selection of Floral & Leaf Stamps & Dies to coordinate – these could be any
  • Lisa Horton Ticker Tape Occasion Rubber Stamps
  • Permanent Black Ink
  • Kuretake Coloured Watercolour Pens
  • Water brush with water
  • Strong Red Adhesive Tape
  • 3D Foam on a roll or strips
  • Tape Runner or Adhesive tape
  • Scissors
  • Optional: Anti-static pad or talc

Time to Make: Approx 30-35 mins

Skill Level: Advanced


  1. Origami Bag

    Cut out the following using your Circle Nesting dies -
    1 x 5inch white cardstock full circle
    1 x 5inch white cardstock circle and then die cut the middle with a 4inch die
    1 x 4.5inch Acetate circle – you may have to snip away the excess as some dies do not cut Acetate neatly
    1 x4.25inch silver cardstock circle and then die cut the middle with a 4inch die to create a small silver frame

  2. Origami Bag

    Using Black Ink stamp out lots of the floral & leaf stamps and then using the coordinating dies,cut all of the images out – I always cut out more than I will need, just in case!

  3. Origami Bag

    Taking the large full white cardstock circle, stamp onto the center of the circle using black ink and using the same floral stamps, create a image using a few of the stamps.

  4. Origami Bag

    Colour all the stamped images in using watercolour pens and a water bursh to give shading and shadows – leave to dry

  5. Origami Bag

    Taking the white cardstock circle that has a die cut center, add strong red tape to the back of it around the edge, then add the Acetate to it. Tip: Wipe the Acetate with a dry piece of Kitchen cloth before you fix it into the circle to ensure it is nice and shiny & clean.

  6. Origami Bag

    Still working on the back of the white circle with Acetate, add 3D foam towards the Acetate edge and towards the center but still on the white section of the circle. Add the tape in a ring and with no gaps between each strip of foam – Tip: I used 2 layers of foam to get extra height to make sure my Shaker would shake.

  7. Origami Bag

    Once the foam tape is around the edge, peel the back of it away then add the sequins, be a bit careful to pour the sequins into the circle center. Tip: Use the chalk dust from an Anti-static pad or use talc to lightly tap around the center edge of the tape before adding the sequins to stop them sticking to the foam edge.

  8. Origami Bag

    Taking the full circle with the stamped image on it, place it on top of the Acetate circle on top of the 3D foam, ensure the image is facing towards the sequins. Press down firmly.

  9. Origami Bag

    Attach the Shaker circle to the front of the card base, slightly towards the top in the center of the card. I used flat tape to attach mine.

  10. Origami Bag

    Start attaching the die cut coloured loose flowers & leaves around the base of the circle Shaker on the card, I used 3D foam to add the florals.

  11. Origami Bag

    Using black ink, stamp out the sentiment and attach to the base of the Shaker over some of the attached flowers with 3D foam.

  12. Origami Bag

    The finished card.