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Exclusive Project

Needle felted Santa Bauble

Needle felted Santa Bauble

Make this unique Santa to adorn your tree this Christmas

You will need:

  • Core wool, red carded or roving wool
  • white roving wool
  • felting needle size 38/40
  • foam felting mat
  • thread
  • pin eyes or beads.

Time to Make: 2 hours

Skill Level: Beginner/intermediate


  1. Origami Bag

    Take about two handfuls of the core wool and make a knot in the middle as this gives you a good centre to work on.

  2. Origami Bag

    Fold the ends in and felt until you get a nice tennis ball shape. (Stab lightly and keep turning wool round). Give the wool a roll around in your hand to help shape it.

  3. Origami Bag

    Wrap some of the red wool quite thinly around the core wool ball and felt until it is all attached.

  4. Origami Bag

    when you have finished felting you will have quite a smooth finish.

  5. Origami Bag

    Take two pieces of the core wool and felt into rounds for the nose and bobble on hat. You can cover the hat bobble with white roving wool if you prefer.

  6. Origami Bag

    Add the nose to the middle of the red ball by stabbing around the base of the nose.

  7. Origami Bag

    Pull 3 pieces of your roving wool (each piece about 6 inches long).This wool has long fibres so is good for hair and beards. Pull your wool out slightly and fold in half, felt slightly at the top to keep it together.

  8. Origami Bag

    Felt half way down the bauble, around the sides of his nose and all the way round.

  9. Origami Bag

    Felt a small long piece of the white roving wool under and around the nose for a beard and pull ends to shape.

  10. Origami Bag

    you will need a piece of the red carded wool to make his hat, pull apart slightly and felt into a rough curved triangle.

  11. Origami Bag

    Fold triangle and felt down one side to make a hat shape.

  12. Origami Bag

    Place hat on top of bauble and felt around the edge to attach. Felt the bobble on to the end of hat.

  13. Origami Bag

    Felt some of the roving wool around his hat.

  14. Origami Bag

    using your felting needle or a bradawl, make two holes either side of Santa’s nose for his eyes. Use superglue to secure the pin eyes or sew large seed beads.

  15. Origami Bag

    Take your needle and thread and sew a loop through the top of his hat for the hanger.

  16. There you have a lovely Christmas bauble to gift or cherish for yourself, you could always keep it simple by just felting the red wool on the bauble and adding some stitched beads to give a quick but different effect.