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Welcome to the Create and Craft Club

Welcome to the Create and Craft Club

6 No-Knit Yarn Crafts that are Simple to Make

If you’re fed up with counting stitches, or simply on the hunt for a quick new project, you’ll love putting your yarn stash to this test with these crafty ideas

6 No-Knit Yarn Crafts that are Simple to Make

1 Wool art

If you’re looking for a super fun and easy activity for the whole family, wool art is for you. You’ll need to start by hammering some nails into a piece of wood to create a shape, letter or design. Then, it’s simply a case of stretching your yarn from one nail to another and tightly wrapping it around until you’re happy with the effect. Why not try using a variety of colours to suit your décor?

2 Pom pom rug

Making your own rug is surprisingly simple, and this easy method will leave you with some impressive-looking homeware. It involves cutting a rug pad to your desired size and shape, and creating a variety of pom poms (you can use a pom pom maker to speed up the process). Make sure that the pom pom tails are left fairly long, as you’ll want to use them to tie the balls onto the rug pad.

3 Tumble dryer balls

Practical and simple to create, tumble dryer balls make for great projects and gifts. Wrap yarn that is 100% wool around itself until it is roughly the size of a tennis ball, then work in the tail with a needle, place the ball into a nylon stocking, secure with a knot and cut off any excess. Wash this on hot with a cold rinse, using a small amount of wool-safe soap or shampoo, then dry the ball in the tumble dryer to finish!

4 No-knit scarf

You shouldn’t have to dig out your knitting needles or crochet hook to make a scarf. For much quicker results, place two chairs side by side and wrap a skein of yarn as tightly as possible around the backs of them. Gently pull the yarn off the chairs, twist it a few times and tie the two ends around the hank to keep it together. Next, tie a scrap piece of yarn around another part of the hank to create three sections, and cover these by wrapping and securing wide strips of fabric, such as Threaders Half Metre Faux Leather Fabric.

5 Wrapped bangle

Who says yarn and jewellery aren’t compatible? You can make a stylish wrapped bracelet by (you’ve guessed it!) wrapping yarn around a wooden bangle. Start by tying a slipknot around the bangle and flipping this to the inside, then pass the ball of yarn through the bangle, keeping a firm tension. For an individual style, tie off the yarn at certain points and switch colours, weaving in any tails as you go.

6 Decorative ball

Sometimes, the best crafts are born from the messiest techniques! Try creating your own fun décor by soaking yarn in a 50:50 water-glue mixture and blowing up a small, round balloon. Wrap the yarn around the balloon randomly until it’s covered, allow to dry for at least 24 hours, then pop the balloon and remove it from the yarn cage. Perfect for a pretty autumn centrepiece!