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How to Make an Origami Box

How to Make an Origami Box

The origami box is one of the simpler origami techniques to master; it may take some practise, but the results are worth it. Also known as ‘Masu’, which is the Japanese word for a square wooden box, this fantastic paper origami version will work just as well at holding your little treasures.

You Will Need:


METHOD: Perfectly Folded Origami Box

  1. Take a sheet of origami paper and lay it down on the table in front of you. Fold your piece of paper in half horizontally and then again vertically, so you have a cross through the middle.
  2. Fold all four corners into the middle point of your cross to make a smaller square.
  3. Fold the top and bottom sides of the smaller square towards the middle, crease the edges, and then unfold to leave two new creases.
  4. Open out the top and bottom triangles, and then fold the two sides into the centre. Crease along the edges again.
  5. Starting from the top left corner, fold it down diagonally, crease, and then open it out. Repeat this step for the top right corner fold to leave two diagonal creases when unfolded.
  6. Repeat step 5 for the bottom corners to create two diagonal crease lines at the bottom too.
  7. Choose an end – this can be the top or the bottom. Carefully open the paper along the diagonal creases that you just made; this will raise the section vertically.
  8. Fold the triangular shape down into the box. At this point, you should see the box forming its shape more clearly.
  9. Repeat steps 7 and 8 on the other end of the box to complete your origami box. If you want to make a lid for your box, find a piece of square origami paper larger than your original one and repeat this method entirely.
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