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How to Make an Origami Crane

How to Make an Origami Crane

One of the most well-known origami designs is the crane. This technique may also be one of the more advanced techniques, but practise makes perfect! Origami makes for an ideal gift or decoration; you can even hang these cranes up using string to make them look like they’re flying!

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  1. Origami Crane
    Start with your square sheet of paper pattern side up. Fold it diagonally, matching the bottom left corner up to the top right hand corner to form a triangle. Crease well and unfold.
  2. Origami Crane
    Similarly to step 1, fold the other side diagonally, matching the bottom right corner to the top left to form a triangle. Crease again and unfold.
  3. Origami Crane
    Flip the piece of paper over so that the plain side is up, fold the it in half from left to right to form a rectangle, and then unfold.
  4. Origami Crane
    Fold the bottom side of the paper (closest to you) up to form a rectangle again, and then crease. Unfold the sheet, but don’t flatten the square completely.
  5. Origami Crane
    Each one of the four corners now wants to be bought together one at a time. You should now have a flat square with an open end where you brought up all the corners, as well as two flaps on the right and two on the left.
  6. Origami Crane
    Follow the marked diagrams to help you with the next steps. Take the upper right flap, lift, fold and crease along the ‘a - c’ marked line. From the upper left, lift the flap and fold in the direction of the arrow along the line marked ‘a - b’, and then crease.
  7. Origami Crane
    From point ‘d’ at the top of the diagram, fold down and crease along line ‘b - c’.
  8. Origami Crane
    Undo the previous three folds and you should have the following creases, as marked on the diagram. From point ‘a’ at the bottom, lift and fold over to the ‘b - c’ line, and then crease the line inside.
  9. Origami Crane
    Now you want to press on points marked ‘b’ and ‘c’ and try to reverse the folds along the ‘a - b’ and ‘a - c’ lines.
  10. Repeat the folds in steps 6, 7 and 8, and you should have a diamond with two legs at the bottom.
  11. Origami Crane
    Manipulate each one of the diamonds’ ‘legs’; fold the top layer of each side along lines ‘a - f’ and ‘a - e’ so that they meet in the centre.
  12. Flip over and repeat these folds again to complete the tapering.
  13. Origami Crane
    You should now have a model with two skinny legs at the bottom. Lift from point ‘f’ – but only the upper flap – and fold it over in the direction of the arrow, as shown in the diagram (this is called a ‘book fold’). Flip the entire piece over and repeat the book fold, but only the top part.
  14. Origami Crane
    Your little figure should now resemble a fox head with two points at the top like ears, and a point at the bottom for a nose. Open the top layer of the ‘fox’s mouth’, which is marked as point ‘a’ on the diagram, fold up to the top of the ears, and crease. Turn the model over and repeat so that all four points meet.
  15. Origami Crane
    From point ‘f’ on the diagram, fold in the direction of the marked arrow, flip over the paper, and repeat on the other side.
  16. Origami Crane
    Below the upper flap, there will be two points on either side; these are marked as ‘a’ and ‘b’. Pull each one outwards as far as shown on the diagram, and ensure you press down along the base so that they stay in place.
  17. Origami Crane
    Take one of the extended points, pinch, and bend down to create the head of the crane; the other point at the end will become its tail.
  18. Origami Crane
    You should now be able to see the paper taking its form as a crane. The body of the crane is in the middle; at the bottom of this, blow into the body so that it puffs out. Gently pull out the wings – and it’s now complete and ready to display! Alternatively, put a small hole through the ends of the wings and attach string to hang up.
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