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Welcome to the Create and Craft Club

Welcome to the Create and Craft Club

7 Fun Origami Critters to Make

Discover the joy of this sweet paper-folding art

7 Fun Origami Critters to Make

1 Butterflies

Easy to make and fab in any colourway, butterflies are the go-to for origami designs. Plus, since there are no sharp or messy items involved in the process, making them is a fun activity to do with kids! Once done, you can then string the pretty things from the ceiling, poke them onto cocktail sticks to put in plant pots, or Blu Tack them to the walls.

2 Fish

Schools of origami fish in different colours look amazing together! There are lots of different origami fish tutorials available online, too, so you can vary the types and sizes of all of your makes. Try making an assortment in the pretty paper collection Mixed Designs, for delightful results.

3 Birds

Much like fish, there are numerous different origami bird designs – you can opt for the traditional crane, create fun penguins, or craft sweet little doves. Or, why not make a few, using a fun, striking paper such as Creativ Viva Gade Copenhagen, for sweet decorations that’ll last all year round.

4 Jumping Frogs

Frogs are not only fun to craft, but you can make a game of them when you’re done – by pressing down the base, then releasing, you can make your frog leap forward. Get everyone in the family to make one, and see who can make theirs jump the furthest. It’s a fun competition!

5 Flowers

Origami flowers come in all sorts of shapes and sizes, and range from the super-easy to the super-realistic. They make charming gifts, too, since they don’t wilt or require any maintenance. Tulips, roses, bellflowers, hydrangeas, lotuses, lilies – whatever you fancy, use a colourful paper set like Assorted Coloured Origami Paper and have fun with it!

6 Bunnies

These sweet designs look precious in pastel colours, but if you use a paper collection like Creativ Viva Gade - Paris, they become interesting, chic decorations. Whatever colourway you decide to use, make sure to make two or more – they’re social animals. And, if they get hungry, you can just fold them their favourite food... origami carrots!

7 Dinosaur

If you have a child who is easily bored by flowers and butterflies, this might tempt him or her instead. T-Rexes, Brachiosauruses and Stegosauruses are all pretty easy and super-fun to make, perfect for youngsters and adults alike. Plus, if you make them in a paper set like Creativ Viva Gade - Oslo Nature, it makes them look like interesting statues!