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5 Fun Painting Techniques for Kids and Adults

You can’t go wrong with painting – it’s fun for all ages and endlessly offers new possibilities. There are so many ways you can achieve interesting effects with paint, from applying it with uniquely textured items to modifying the paint when it’s starting to dry. Start off with these five simple techniques below, and get creative with it!

5 Fun Painting Techniques for Kids and Adults

1. Rolling Pin Art

Wrapping a rolling pin in lengths of yarn creates a ropey texture that’s sure to make interesting works of art when rolled in acrylic paint. It’s also an excellent way to use up any scraps of yarn from your knitting or crochet stash that are too small to use in any other projects. Pick up a pack of simple colours like our A-Color Glossy Acrylic Paint in Six Colours (479056) and experiment with ways to mix different hues together and create gorgeous ombré trails.

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2. Toilet Roll Painting

When you cut open one end of a cardboard tube, it splits into a fan shape that’s fantastic for painting fireworks, stars, fluffy flowers and explosions of colour and glitter. Have a go yourself using some tubes cut into different shapes and sizes. Just make sure you have a few rolls spare if you plan on making a big masterpiece – after a few stamps into the paint, the cardboard will start to get soggy and break off.

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3. Watercolour Textures

Create interesting effects by adding another medium to your watercolour paint pieces, such as salt, crayon or alcohol. Crayons can be used to create a wax resist that paint won’t penetrate, while sprinkling salt and dripping alcohol onto the piece will repel the paint and create interesting grainy and bubbly effects as it dries. See our handy tutorial on watercolour techniques here for more detail!

4. Bottle Painting

Old plastic bottles are great for painting flowers thanks to the symmetrical points at the bottom, and they can be used to create sweet artworks like this cherry blossom tree. The project is an excellent one for kids, as it’ll get them thinking about shapes and what kinds of patterns different objects will print when dipped in paint. Then, when you’re done, you can upcycle the bottles again and turn them into planters or unique home décor items.

[image credit:]

5. Bubble Wrap Art

Bubble wrap is lots of fun to craft with – try painting on it then smooshing the bubbles onto paper to create a delightful bobbly texture. Plus, it’s an easy resource to get, too. In fact, you might already have some lying around from deliveries over lockdown. Have a go at varying pressure and painting different colours over different sections; the results make excellent card backgrounds and matt panels.

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